Ten more Christmas movies to ruin your holiday

Somehow, for as much as I dislike Christmas, I find myself watching tons of holiday movies. Much like the fruitcake that no one wants to eat but me, I continually try and binge as many seasonal films as possible. Each year, I discover movies that boggle my mind and upset my sensibilities. 2019 is no… Continue reading Ten more Christmas movies to ruin your holiday

Slasher top tens: Gregg Harrington

About the author: Gregg Harrington is a journalist, musician and podcaster. He co-hosts the 80s horror podcast Neon Brainiacs with filmmaker Ben Dietels, and sometimes performs in the bands Rabid Pigs and Pummeled. You can also find Neon Brainiacs on Twitter. 10. The Stepfather (1987): Having only seen this movie for the first time a couple… Continue reading Slasher top tens: Gregg Harrington

Slasher top tens: Robert Freese

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Freese has been a staff writer for Videoscope Magazine since 1998. He also contributes to Drive-in Asylum. Slasher movies are some of his favorite movies. In fact, slasher movies are most of his favorite films. He probably enjoys slasher movies more than anyone should. Whittling down the mountain of slasher films… Continue reading Slasher top tens: Robert Freese

Slasher Top Tens: Donald Guarisco From Schlockmania

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donald maintains the site Schlockmania and has contributed to Drive-In Asylum, Cinema Sewer, DVD Delirium 2 and All Movie Guide. You can also find him on Twitter and Facebook. He considers the slasher film to be the comfort food of horror cinema and had a hard time paring his favorites list down to ten,… Continue reading Slasher Top Tens: Donald Guarisco From Schlockmania

Slasher Top Tens: Ted Lehr

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ted Lehr runs the site Super No Bueno, which is a pop culture/entertainment blog established in 2016 that includes reviews of movies, music, comic books, pro wrestling, and much more. We've been friends for a while, so I'm excited that Ted is sending this for the site. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHuOtLTQ_1I Halloween (1978): The prototype for every… Continue reading Slasher Top Tens: Ted Lehr

Slasher Top Tens: Jesse Berberich

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jesse Berberich is a media critic and regular contributor to online publications and the retro zine, Drive-In Asylum. He is also the co-curator and host of Disreputable Cinema, a cult genre film screening series at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NYC. For Halloween this year, Disreputable Cinema will host RetroActive… Continue reading Slasher Top Tens: Jesse Berberich