Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)

The same Bob Clark that did Porky's did A Christmas Story and also made Black Christmas and Deathdream. He even produced the film Moonrunners, which inspired TV's The Dukes of Hazzard. He also made Turk 182! (if you had HBO back in the day, you saw it), Rhinestone and the Baby Geniuses series. Yep. Bob Clark pretty much did it all. And here's one more completely… Continue reading Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things (1972)

Killer Workout (1987)

Killer Workout is not the same movie as Death Spa. Sure, they're both about a killer let loose inside a health club, but they're totally different movies. Originally titled Aerobicide, this is all about a fitness club in LA owned by Rhonda Johnson (Marcia Karr, Savage Streets). The co-owner is her twin sister who was burned… Continue reading Killer Workout (1987)

Encounter with the Unknown (1973)

Harry Thomason and his wife, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason created TV's Designing Women and were a 1990's power couple, playing a major role in getting President Bill Clinton elected. But way before that, he wrote and directed this Rod Serling narrated film. This movie presents its tales as true, set up by not one narrator, but two. Yes, Rod… Continue reading Encounter with the Unknown (1973)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)

I don't get to pick movies that we watch. If I did, we would just watch The Car or 1990: The Bronx Warriors every night. Rebecca picks the movies. Tonight, she picked this. Claire Bartel (Annabella Sciorra, Cadillac Man) goes to get a routine check-up for her second pregnancy, which ends with her molested by her… Continue reading The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (1992)

Slaughter High (1986)

A prank goes wrong on April Fool's Day and suddenly, the makers of Friday the 13th realize that the title is already taken, so instead, we have Slaughter High. Really. It actually had that title until they discovered it was taken. Years ago, the cool kids screwed Marty the nerd. However, these pranks go way past… Continue reading Slaughter High (1986)

Spasmo (1974)

Giallo intrigues me because you often have an unreliable narrator whose credibility has been seriously compromised. In a 1981 study, William Riggan analyzed several types of unreliable narrators and in this film, I feel that we're dealing with one of those types, the madman. We open on a couple who is getting ready to… Continue reading Spasmo (1974)

Wicked Wicked (1973)

I'm constantly on the hunt for certain movies. Ever since I saw the trailer for this -- the only film to ever be shot in Duo-Vision -- I've been on the hunt. Finally, in an Exchange store on a Sunday afternoon, my patience was rewarded. The Grandview is one of those gorgeous California hotels… Continue reading Wicked Wicked (1973)