SFX Retaliator (1987)

Take Chris Mitchum (son of Robert, star of The Day That Time Ended, Faceless, Bigfoot and, perhaps most astoundingly, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Tusk). Add a bit of Gordon Mitchell, who played Colonel Morgan in Endgame, Dr. Frankenstein in Frankenstein '80 and Igor in Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks. Grab a recipe for a movie already made. Let's say, FX. Make it in the Philippines… Continue reading SFX Retaliator (1987)

Hell Night (1981)

Tom DeSimone started his directing career in gay porn as Lancer Brooks, creating the first homosexual film with dialogue and a plot with 1970's The Conversation before going mainstream and making Chatterbox. After this film, he'd be behind such greats as Reform School Girls and Angel III: The Final Chapter, as well as uncredited direction on another fabulous… Continue reading Hell Night (1981)

W.B., Blue and the Bean (1989)

Also known as Bail Out and Wings of Freedom, this movie gives the world what we'd been waiting for. One year after Witchery (also known as La Casa 4), the dream dup of Hasselhoff and Blair are reunited. Sometimes, Amazon Prime just knows what I need. And what I needed was this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xrtxxNRAIY White Bread (Hasselhoff), Blue (stuntman Tony Brubaker)… Continue reading W.B., Blue and the Bean (1989)