MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Hands of Steel (1996)

Francis Turner (John Saxon, who I will opine is my favorite American actor in a foreign genre film ever) has created a cyborg who is 70% robot and 30% human, Paco Queruak. He programs him to kill a scientist with plans to cure acid rain (that was a big problem back in the 80's that, much… Continue reading MORE FUCKED UP FUTURES: Hands of Steel (1996)

Next of Kin (1982)

What if The Shining wasn't in the snowy hills of Oregon, but instead found itself in Australia? What if a woman found herself repeating the same horrors that her mother had faced twenty years before? And what if we decide to watch Next of Kin, today's movie of the day? Linda inherits Montclare, a retirement home that… Continue reading Next of Kin (1982)


In 1990, Universal Studios bought the rights to Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park before it was even published. The idea of dinosaurs being cloned and brought into our modern world just works. Starting with 1993's Jurassic Park and across several follow-ups, including 2018's Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World 3, announced for 2021, people can't seem to get… Continue reading WATCH THE SERIES: Jurassic Park

Bigfoot (1970)

Anthony Cardoza produced some really interesting films. You may call them turkeys. You may also call them...well, you wouldn't call them works of art. But hey, his movies live on, like The Beast of Yucca Flats, The Hellcats and today's film, Bigfoot. Jasper B. Hawks (John Carradine!) and Elmer Briggs (John Mitchum, brother of Robert and the writer of… Continue reading Bigfoot (1970)

Alice or the Last Escapade (1977)

A French surrealistic retelling of Alice in Wonderland with Sylvia Kristel in the lead? It's as if a message from space was sent directly to my brain, demanding that I stop whatever I was planning and sit inches from my TV and yelling out every translated word via closed captioning. Alice Caroll is leaving her… Continue reading Alice or the Last Escapade (1977)

Copycat (1995)

What happens when a serial killer expert has to face off with the real thing? That's what happens when Dr. Helen Hudson (Sigourney Weaver, Alien) is cornered and attacked by a man she profiled, Daryll Lee Cullum (Harry Connick Jr.). For the next 18 months, Dr. Hudson is a recluse, refusing to leave her computer… Continue reading Copycat (1995)