MANGIATI VIVI: Eating Raoul (1982)

I love Paul Bartel. He elevates any movie that he makes a cameo in. And if he only directed Death Race 2000, he'd already have earned my adoration. Additionally, I love Mary Woronov. Much like her frequent collaborator Paul, she also makes any movie better just for showing up for a few moments. Together, they made Eating… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Eating Raoul (1982)

MANGIATI VIVI: Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

Legend has it that David Cronenberg for the idea for the torture TV channel that lends its name to his opus Videodrome from this Joe D'Amoto film, which is also known as Trap Them and Kill Them. Think of this -- a film that upset Cronenberg for its mash-up of snuff, cannibalism and sex. Take it from me.… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals (1977)

MANGIATI VIVI: The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978)

Also known as La Montagna del Dio Cannibale, Slave of the Cannibal God and Prisoner of the Cannibal God, don't be fooled by the pedigree of having big stars like Ursula Andress and Stacy Keach. This film may seem restrained at first, but it goes absolutely insane by the final ten minutes. I mean, when has Sergio Martino… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: The Mountain of the Cannibal God (1978)

MANGIATI VIVI: Dr. Butcher, M.D. (1980)

Also known as Zombi Holocaust, the American version of this film features a sequence from an unfinished film called Tales That'll Tear Your Heart Out, a different music score and some edits for pacing. It's also got a much better title: Doctor Butcher, M.D. (Medical Deviate). And let me warn you right here and now. This is a film that… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Dr. Butcher, M.D. (1980)

MANGIATI VIVI: Eaten Alive! (1980)

What happens when you throw assassins in New York City, cannibals in the jungle and a Jim Jones-like cult leader into a big pot and set it to boil? You get Eaten Alive! Sheila (Janet Agren, City of the Living Dead, Hands of Steel) is searching for her sister, Diana (Paola Senatore, Emanuelle in America) who… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Eaten Alive! (1980)

MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust has always been a movie that by reputation that I've avoided. It's been tagged as "the one that goes all the way" and has been banned in over fifty countries. And it isn't every movie that gets confiscated ten days after its premiere with the director arrested and charged with obscenity. By January 1981,… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Ferox (1981)

Pre-credits disclaimer: The following feature is one of the most violent films ever made. There are at least two dozen scenes of barbaric torture and sadistic cruelty graphically shown. If the presentation of disgusting and repulsive subject matter upsets you, please do not view this film. For the rest of us, let's watch something awesome… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Ferox (1981)

MANGIATI VIVI week starts tomorrow!

I've always been afraid of cannibal movies. They're stomach turning bursts of the sheer bottom of the cinematic barrel, packed with guts, gore and often, real footage of atrocities. But I braved through seven of these films to face my fear and provide you with the written results. Next week's films are: Cannibal Ferox: Drug… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI week starts tomorrow!

HOUSE WEEK: House IV (1992)

You'd think I'd be done with House. Personally, I wish I'd stopped watching these movies with La Casa 3, because I have struggled through each of these. I'm nothing if not a completist and not watching one last film -- after running the movie marathon that these films have become -- shouldn't be too bad, right?… Continue reading HOUSE WEEK: House IV (1992)