WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Dan Curtis and Richard Matheson pretty much ruled 1970s made for TV horror. But when you throw in Karen Black and a memorable miniature villain, you're left with pure nightmare fuel for 70s kids. Sure, we can endure all sorts of gore and doom now, but on March 4, 1974, the ABC Movie of the Week… Continue reading WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: Trilogy of Terror (1975)

WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: The Night Stalker (1972)

At one point, network TV was the only home entertainment option. And for so many genre fans, they were rewarded with some truly amazing offerings. Sure, there are plenty of fangless horror telepics, but there are also so many more incredibly frightening and well made ones, too. We say all the time -- they don't… Continue reading WEEK OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES: The Night Stalker (1972)

B&S About Movies episode 71: Clownhouse

On one hand, Clownhouse is an interesting movie from a young filmmaker. On the other, that same filmmaker was sexually molesting his star. So right off the squeaking bat, this is a weird movie. And it gets even weirder. We watched it. Please listen either on the link below or find us on iTunes. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/bandsaboutmovies/episodes/2017-08-03T10_33_39-07_00

Manborg (2011)

Manborg is obviously inspired by The Eliminators, reviewed early this week. But where that film is ridiculous in spite of itself, humor is obviously the goal of Manborg. Created by the Astron-6 collective (which includes Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie, who created The Void), this quickie is all about Count Draculon, the leader of an army of Satanic Nazi vampires… Continue reading Manborg (2011)