The Aftermath (1982)

Writer/producer/director/lead actor Steve Barkett only would create one other movie -- 1990's Empire of the Dark, in which a private detective battles a Satanic cult, monsters and ninjas -- but he lent his auteur spirit to this post-apocalyptic bit of strangeness. Barkett was such an artist that while he originally filmed this in 1978, he wasn't… Continue reading The Aftermath (1982)

Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

The bolo tie-wearing Prescott (Adam West) runs a “Special Police” force in the year 1999 from a one-room set (that he never leaves) via a couple of Commodore 64s and some 60s-era blinking props to protect the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Southern California. Keeping Adam West company in the washed-up actor’s camp are Troy Donahue (the… Continue reading Omega Cop (1990) and Karate Cop (1991)

Aftershock (1990)

Anti-intellectual paramilitary forces rule the post-World War 3 landscape, which is directed by Frank Harris, who was behind Killpoint and The Patriot (not the Mel Gibson movie) and Lockdown (not the Sylvester Stallone movie). Into this world arrives an alien named Sabine, played by Elizabeth Kaitan. Oh Elizabeth, you've been in so many movies that I've savored. You… Continue reading Aftershock (1990)

In Fabric (2018)

I've often discussed the difference between grindhouse and arthouse. That line is quite easy to cross and hard to define at the same time. The films of Peter Strickland are great examples of movies that live between that division. From the revenge film Katalin Varga and the giallo-exploring Berberian Sound Studio to the Jess Franco homage The Duke… Continue reading In Fabric (2018)