ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Starcrash (1978)

After the Star Wars became an international sensation, Luigi Cozzi (the batshit insane Hercules movies with Lou Ferrigno, Contamination, Monster Shark) was able to round up a decent budget to make a film called Empire of the Stars, which eventually became this film. Cozzi battled against food poisoning of the cast and crew and even a Communist worker revolt which… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Starcrash (1978)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Black Hole (1979)

The Black Hole is more than just the first Disney movie to be rated PG and to feature swearing (as well as one of the most expensive they'd produced at that point). It's also a dark film, one closer to Event Horizon than Escape from Witch Mountain. The USS Palomino is near the end of its long… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Black Hole (1979)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Message from Space (1978)

At nearly half the budget of Star Wars -- $6 to $7 million dollars -- Message from Space was the most expensive movie in Japanese history up until 1980. At the time, it was routinely panned by the critics. Yet watching it nearly 40 years later, I was struck by just how ambitious, fun and strange it… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Message from Space (1978)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Humanoid (1979)

There are times that films feel like gift packages wrapped up for just me and my insane taste in movies. Let me tell you all of the ways that The Humanoid makes me want to fall to my knees and give thanks: it's an Italian ripoff of Star Wars directed by Aldo Lado (Who Saw Her Die?, The… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Humanoid (1979)

FULCI WEEK: Touch of Death (1988)

If Touch of Death was simply the poster filmed for 70 minutes, it'd be such a better movie than what I just watched. Lester (Brett Halsey, Demonia) is a cannibal serial killer who meets, dates and eats various women, sometimes giving parts of them to his pigs. He also talks to tape recording of his own voice and… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: Touch of Death (1988)

FULCI WEEK: Murder Rock (1984)

Lucio Fulci wanted to make a giallo. But then Flashdance happened and the producers knew Keith Emerson (yes, the Keith Emerson from Emerson Lake and Palmer) and the result was...Murder Rock! Or Murder-Rock: Dancing Death! Or Slashdance! Or The Demon Is Loose! We start at the Arts for the Living Center in New York, where Candice (Olga Karlatos, the… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: Murder Rock (1984)

FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)

Also known as Dangerous Obsession,this movie was intended to be Lucio Fulci's comeback after more than a year of dealing with hepatitis. It's a return to the giallo (or at least sexually related drama) that he was creating in the early 70's instead of the gore that he'd become infamous for throughout the 80's, but when… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)