Tower of Terror (1997)

Donald James "D.J." MacHale is a writer, director and executive producer that is probably best known for the show Are You Afraid of the Dark? and for creating two different young adult book series, Pendragon and Morpheus Road. He would write and direct this Disney Channel exploration of another Disney attraction. This movie paved the way for… Continue reading Tower of Terror (1997)

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Richard Donner made The Omen and Superman, so I have to cut him some slack sometimes. He also made The Goonies, Scrooged, the Lethal Weapon movies and The Toy. So yeah. I give him plenty of slack. It was written by Brian Helgeland, who started his career with 976-EVIL, which led to A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. He also… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory (1997)

The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)

It's always intriguing to me when I look up a director and discover that I've watched more of their films than I realized. Case in point -- Jon Amiel. As I started writing this article about The Man Who Knew Too Little, I was surprised to learn that I'd seen so many of his films, like Copycat, Entrapment… Continue reading The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)

The Wax Mask (1997)

After discovering just bad Lucio Fulci's health was, Dario Argento decided to help him find a new project in the hopes that directing would lift his spirits and his well-being. Sadly, pre-production and Argento's work on The Stendahl Syndrome went on a few months too long and Fulci died before production could begin. The two directors rarely… Continue reading The Wax Mask (1997)