8. A Film Made After 1989 that Features a Mummy, but not Brendan Fraser or Tom Cruise

A multinational expedition discovers a lost city beneath a pyramid and the reawakened gods of ancient Egypt want to end the world. John Rhys-Davies plays Professor Hayden Masterson, the academic who believes that every 5,000 years a celestial event happens and that it’s connected to the pyramids of Egypt. He’s also way too driven, so he needs some balance from his co-adventurer Doug Adler (David Charvet). So yes, we have someone known for being on treasure hunts from the Indiana Jones movies and someone known for being around sand from Baywatch.

Joss Ackland also ends up being in this, as well as a psychic named Claire (Emily Holmes), Carmen Chaplin as Masterson’s daughter and Michael Higgins as Peter Levitz, who blackmailed his way into this quest. There’s also a dude named Adam Prime (Nick Moran) who is not a robot nor made in a lab with a sobriquet like that.

The effects look kind of good, the lasers are cool but this was made in 2006 and sat for seven years, which is never a good thing. What else? Well, Uwe Boll co-produced it. It’s directed by Roger Christian, who in addition to making The Sender also directed Arcadia’s video for “Election Day.” It was written by Peter Atkins (WishmasterHellraiser II: Hellbound) and Anthony Hickox, who directed Waxwork.

That said, this was also known as Dawn of the Mummy and there’s a rumor that it was a remake of a more famous movie with that title, the video nasty Dawn of the Mummy. I think that’s just wishful thinking, as while both of those movies are kind of boring in parts, at least the 1981 mummy movie has Fulci-like shambling gore driven tomb dwellers.

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