There’s Nothing Out There (1991)

Made before Scream, There's Nothing Out There satirizes the same horror movie cliches but goes even further, presenting a story where some of the characters are aware that they're in a movie, even using a boom mic to swing away from the movie's amphibian monster. Seven teens head up to a cabin on the lake for… Continue reading There’s Nothing Out There (1991)

Mars Attacks! (1996)

In 1962, Topps put out a card series called Mars Attacks! Kids loved them. Why wouldn't they? Every card shows horrific depictions of humans, Martians and animals shredded, blasted and annihilated into oblivion, along with plenty of implied sexuality. Parents went crazy and the cards were pulled from the market, but not the memories of the monster… Continue reading Mars Attacks! (1996)

High Spirits (1988)

Peter Plunkett is the owner of an Irish castle that's seen better days. However, it's the only employment for many of the local villagers. But now, he's in debt to an Irish-American businessman named Brogan, so Plunkett has one last plan: to transform it into the most haunted castle in Europe. That means making ghost costumes for everyone that works there, but… Continue reading High Spirits (1988)

The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

From 1969 to 1974, then in syndication forever, the Brady Bunch presented the clean and fun adventures of a blended family. Personally, I loved the 1990's The Bradys TV show, because it tried to inject massive gravitas into a show that never came near it. Regardless, twenty years after the show went off the air, Betty… Continue reading The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)

Rocking the Couch (2018)

"Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they're a good person." This statement, from Tanja Walker in her interview, sums up so much of the issues that Hollywood has dealt with in the #MeToo era. This movie goes into depth explaining the casting couch, how it got started and why it has existed for decades.… Continue reading Rocking the Couch (2018)