MANGIATI VIVI: Dr. Butcher, M.D. (1980)

Also known as Zombi Holocaust, the American version of this film features a sequence from an unfinished film called Tales That'll Tear Your Heart Out, a different music score and some edits for pacing. It's also got a much better title: Doctor Butcher, M.D. (Medical Deviate). And let me warn you right here and now. This is a film that… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Dr. Butcher, M.D. (1980)

MANGIATI VIVI: Eaten Alive! (1980)

What happens when you throw assassins in New York City, cannibals in the jungle and a Jim Jones-like cult leader into a big pot and set it to boil? You get Eaten Alive! Sheila (Janet Agren, City of the Living Dead, Hands of Steel) is searching for her sister, Diana (Paola Senatore, Emanuelle in America) who… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Eaten Alive! (1980)

MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal Holocaust has always been a movie that by reputation that I've avoided. It's been tagged as "the one that goes all the way" and has been banned in over fifty countries. And it isn't every movie that gets confiscated ten days after its premiere with the director arrested and charged with obscenity. By January 1981,… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI: Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Fade to Black (1980)

A movie about a socially awkward, totally obsessed film fan whose love of old films borders on the obsessive, with nights filled with movie after movie after movie? This one hits a little too close to home. Eric Binford (Dennis Christopher, Breaking Away) works in a Los Angeles film distributor warehouse by day and watches movies… Continue reading Fade to Black (1980)

AMERICAN GIALLO: Dressed to Kill (1980)

Let's get this out of the way: Brian De Palma, much like giallo, was heavily influenced by Hitchcock. In fact, when an interviewer asked Hitchcock if he saw the film as an homage, he replied, "You mean fromage." That said -- Hitchcock died three months before the film was released, so that story could be… Continue reading AMERICAN GIALLO: Dressed to Kill (1980)

AMERICAN GIALLO: Schizoid (1980)

Julie (Marianna Hill, Messiah of Evil, The Baby) writes the lonely hearts column for a newspaper, but she's suddenly getting more than letters from the lovelorn. An anonymous person is sending her letters threatening to murder people. And at the very same time, members of her group therapy session are getting stabbed and killed, one by one.… Continue reading AMERICAN GIALLO: Schizoid (1980)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)

There is no way I can be objective about this movie. It is everything that movies should be in one film. It's a revision of The Magnificent Seven, which in itself is just a cover version of The Seven Samurai. It has John Saxon as a face painted baddy whose body is falling apart. George Peppard plays… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)