The Changeling (1980)

Peter Medak has one of the most all over the places IMDB credit pages ever. He's directed everything from the Peter Sellers Satanic farce The Ruling Class to the made-for-TV movie The Babysitter to Zorro, The Gay Blade; The Krays; Romeo Is Bleeding; Species II and episodes of The Wire and Carnivale.  Here, he made a "based on true events" tale… Continue reading The Changeling (1980)

Hero At Large (1980)

Martin Davidson directed the teen classics The Lords of Flatbush and Eddie and the Cruisers, but today we're talking about his lone superhero movie, an early entry in the form that starred Three's Company lead John Ritter and Anne Archer. Obviously, the success of Superman had a lot to do with this movie. Steve Nichols (Ritter) is a struggling… Continue reading Hero At Large (1980)

Super Fuzz (1980)

Sergio Corbucci is known for making some of the most violent spaghetti westerns ever committed to the screen, including Django, The Mercenary, Navajo Joe and The Great Silence. In fact, his contributions to exploitation film are so important, he received a special thanks at the end of Kill Bill Volume 2. He was also known for the exact opposite type of… Continue reading Super Fuzz (1980)

Hawk the Slayer (1980)

Terry Marcel also was behind Prisoners of the Lost Universe, The Last Seduction II and Jane and the Lost City (he was also A.D. on The Pink Panther series of films, as well as Straw Dogs) but today, we're going to discuss his 1980 sword and sorcery epic Hawk the Slayer, which predates the Conan ripoff film cycle. The wicked… Continue reading Hawk the Slayer (1980)