Porky’s (1981)

Bob Clark wrote and directed this film — the adventures of the students of Florida’s Angel Beach High School in 1954 — that ended up inspiring an entire generation of movies much in the same way that Animal House inspired it. Clark based the movie on his own experiences growing up.

At one point, every studio in Hollywood turned down Porky’s. Clark got the movie produced through Melvin Simon Productions and a Canadian firm, Astro Bellevue Pathe, making the film up north to take advantage of tax benefits. So yeah. This is yet another Canadian tax shelter film.

Much like, well, every teen sex comedy that would follow this,  the boys all want to lose their virginity. They go to Porky’s, a strip club in the swamp, thinking they can hire a girl there, but they’re all dumped into the Everglades by the club’s owner, Porky. They demand their money back, but Porky’s brother is the sheriff, which means that they lose even more cash.

The movie revolves around getting back at Porky and also getting into the pants of the ladies, including Lynn “Lassie” Honeywell (Kim Cattrall). In 1954 and 1981, this was a common part of growing up. Today’s viewers may not see the film in such a comedic light, but you can’t expect things made forty years ago to understand the progress that has happened since they were made. The fact that you recognize that these movies are outdated points to how much progress we have made; enjoy them for the parts that you can enjoy them for.

The real Porky’s — Porky’s Hide Away in Oakland Park — is now an L.A. Fitness. That makes me incredibly depressed.

3 thoughts on “Porky’s (1981)

  1. Porky’s was to teen comedies what Halloween was to slashers… it unleashed a barrage of copycats that varied in quality. I do want to point out that Poky’s was really a reworking of the Israeli teen comedy Lemon Popsicle (1978).


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