Cugini Carnali (1974)

Cugini Carnali translates as First Cousins, but this movie was also titled The VisitorHot and Bothered, La PrimaLoving Cousins and High School Girl.

This is the story of Nico d’Altamura (Alredo Pea, who was also in two other commedia sexy all’italiana, the Dagmar Lassander-starring Classe Mista and the Edwige Fenech movie The School Teacher), who is a shy sixteen year old who falls in love with his city-born cousin Sonia (Susan Player, Invasion of the Bee GirlsMalibu Beach).

This comes from director Sergio Martino, who you may know better from his early 70s master class on making giallo — Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the KeyAll the Colors of the DarkTorsoThe Strange Vice of Mrs. WardhThe Case of the Scorpion’s Tail — or his sexy bedroom movies with Edwige Fenech.

Nico comes from a more provincial family than Sonia and while his parents are strict, they have their secrets. His father is sleeping with the family maid (Rosalba Neri, Lady Frankenstein) and also waiting for their uncle to die, but he keeps alive either out of spite or to keep sleeping with prositutes. When Sonia comes to town, she causes a scandal by wearing miniskirts to church and sunbathing nude, but let’s face it, Nico has no idea what he’s in for.

Martino was a genre hopper. The year following this movie, he made two poliziotteschi (Gambling City and Silent Action), a giallo (The Suspicious Death of a Minor) and Sex With a Smile, which features Barbara Bouchet, Fenech and Marty Feldman. This may not be his best movie, but it’s not his worst.

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