PURE TERROR MONTH: The Thirsty Dead (1974)

About the Author: You can read the music and film criticisms of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his rock ‘n’ roll biographies, along with horror and sci-fi novellas, on Facebook. He also writes for B&S Movies. A movie starring a Pittsburgh born-and-bred actress who starred as Yeoman Tankris in “Wolf in the… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: The Thirsty Dead (1974)

Madhouse (1974)

While Amicus is mainly known for their anthology films, they also presented singular stories. Director Jim Clark may have also made the films Every Home Should Have One and Rentadick, but he's better known as an editor. You'll definitely recognize the films he edited -- Midnight Cowboy, The Killing Fields, The World Is Not Enough and Marathon Man to name… Continue reading Madhouse (1974)

Genesis II (1973), Planet Earth (1974), and Strange New World (1975)

About the Author: You can read the music and film reviews of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his work on Facebook. Okay. Let’s get this out of the way: This is the movie were you video fringe horndogs lose it over Mariette Hartley (as Lyra-A) in a two-piece bikini sporting two belly… Continue reading Genesis II (1973), Planet Earth (1974), and Strange New World (1975)

Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

Call it El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula. Call it Cemetery Girls. Or Dracula's Great Love -- the title I saw the film under -- or Dracula's Virgin Lovers or The Great Love of Count Dracula. Whatever title you prefer, you're about to savor a nonsensical odyssey through Spanish vampire madness, a world where someone can fall down… Continue reading Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

The Lords of Flatbush (1974)

Martin Davidson made his directorial debut with this film. You may know him better from Eddie and the Cruisers. You may not know him from the John Ritter vehicle Hero at Large. It was written and co-directed by Stephen Verona, who years later would direct the astounding exercise video Angela Lansbury's Positive Moves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRPyMiUOQMc This movie is one… Continue reading The Lords of Flatbush (1974)

Big Bad Mama (1974)

Steve Carver originally intended to be get invovled in the worlds of cartooning, commercial art and animation before becoming a cameraman for ABC's Wide World of Sports, shooting St. Louis Cardinals baseball games before he made thirty documentaries while teaching college at the same time. One of those documentaries got him into the American Film… Continue reading Big Bad Mama (1974)

Poor White Trash II aka Scum of the Earth (1974)

Originally known as Death is a Family Affair and perhaps better known as Poor White Trash Part II, this S.F. Brownrigg movie belongs squarely within the genre of hicksploitation or redneck films. After Don't Look In the Basement, where else can he go? Downward, it seems, as this movie is awash in, well, scum while still… Continue reading Poor White Trash II aka Scum of the Earth (1974)