What movie would Sean Connery choose to follow up his run as James Bond with? Well, it's The Offence, but this was his second movie after. And it's definitely the first film John Boorman did after Deliverance. What they created was a film that absolutely cannot be easily explained. I've watched it in the double digits and… Continue reading FUCKED UP FUTURES PART 2: Zardoz (1974)

SON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES WEEK: All the Kind Strangers (1974)

Let's not judge Burt Kennedy for directing the Hulk Hogan vehicle Suburban Commando. Let's remember him for something much better -- All the Kind Strangers. Written by Clyde Ware -- a writer/director/producer who worked on shows like Airwolf and Gunsmoke, as well as TV movies like The Hatfields and the McCoys and The Story of Pretty Boy Floyd -- this… Continue reading SON OF MADE FOR TV MOVIES WEEK: All the Kind Strangers (1974)

The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (1974)

No matter what title you watch this movie under --  from the original Spanish title, No Profanar el Sueño de los Muertos (Don't Disturb the Sleep of the Dead) or alternates like Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, The Living Dead, Breakfast at Manchester Morgue and Don't Open the Window -- it's an intriguing slice of early 70's shock. At once… Continue reading The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue (1974)

Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)

What would a German ripoff of The Exorcist look like? That's an important question to ask. And when I describe ripoffs of said film, I always say, "You know how in The Exorcist, it's still somewhat of a classy movie. What if it wasn't? Wouldn't that be awesome?" Most people, sane people, at that point say, "No.… Continue reading Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil (1974)

CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Black Christmas (1974)

Based on a series of Canadian murders and the urban legend of calls coming to a babysitter from within the house (also see When a Stranger Calls), Bob Clark and A. Roy Moore created what many feel is one of the precursors to the slasher film genre. Bedford is a small college town, complete with a… Continue reading CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Black Christmas (1974)

Beyond the Door (1974)

There are rip-offs of The Exorcist. And then there are rip-offs where copyright infringement lawsuits lead to Warner Brothers getting a cash settlement and a portion of the film's future revenue. Beyond the Door would be the latter. It's $40 million worldwide gross meant that this film would a film draw the ire and call of that most Satanic of all… Continue reading Beyond the Door (1974)