Judas… ¡toma tus monedas! (1972)

Also known as Watch Out Gringo! Sabata Will Return, this Italian Western was actually made in Spain by Pedro L. Ramírez (School of DeathThe Fish with the Eyes of Gold) and Alfonso Balcázar from a script by Giovanni Simonelli (The Ark of the Sun God, Jungle Raiders) and José Ramón Larraz, who had already made Whirlpool and Deviation.

There’s no Sabata in this movie, but you’d be forgiven if you think there is a Trinity, as this movie feels a lot like that Italian Western. Rayo (Jorge Martin, e così divennero i 3 supermen del WestElectra One) and Texas (Vittorio Richelmy) must work together to find the hidden gold of Carrancho (Fernando Sancho), a thief who is being hunted by Luke (Daniel Martin, A Fistful of Dollars).

I have no idea how you can make a movie and have Rosalba Neri and barely feature her, but somehow these filmmakers did exactly that. I was waiting for her to show up and do something  but no, she’s basically silent and barely in this.

A very basic Eurowestern, neither all that good not all that bad. Instead, it does nothing to bring anything unique or say anything of merit.

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