Deviation (1971)

José Ramón Larraz loves the London countryside, a mood that can best be described as oppressive and the near-constant threat of psychosexual violence.

Paul (Malcolm Terris) and his mistress Olivia (Sibyla Grey, also from Whirlpool) break down outside the home of taxidermy enthusiast Julian (Karl Lanchbury, keeping up his maniacal streak of Larraz villains after Whirlpool) and his sister Rebecca (Lisbet Lundquist, who was also…yes, you get it now).

If you break down in the middle of the night in the foggy woods of England, let me give you some advice. Don’t go in the house.

Olivia quickly passes out and Paul decides to snoop around and becomes part of the orgy happening in the house before he’s quickly dispatched after daring to get aroused around Rebecca after she forces him to have sex with one of her female followers at gunpoint.

Yes, there are some true issues in this house.

Then, despite being warned that everyone in that house will try to kill her, Olivia doesn’t even worry about where her lover has gone. She smokes some weed and then gets hooked on heroin after the brother and sister keep trying to seduce her.

Rebecca scoring some heroin and then decimating an old pharmacist who becomes attracted to her is just one of the many strange things that happens, but Olivia says that being hooked on smack is better than the boredom of dating Paul. And then she sees one of his tattoos framed up on the wall, she learns that she better escape.

You want another reason to love this? Stelvio Cipriani rips off Black Sabbath in the main theme for the movie.

Larraz made some wild movies that haven’t been seen enough. Let’s fix that now.

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