Electra One (1967)

This 1967 Spanish/Italian/French film was directed by Alfonso Balcazar (A Pistol from Ringo) in an experimental 70mm 3D filming technique.

A criminal organization — led by Electra One (Daniele Vargas, EyeballThe Arena) — has created an aggression serum that they plan on using to hold the world hostage. The Americans and the Soviets join forces to stop them.

George Martin, who appears in The Three Supermen films, is Gary, the hero of this movie. Rosalba Neri is also in this. You should know her for her body — pun intended — of bonkers erotic horror films. She’s in everything from Franco’s 99 Women to Amuck!The SeducersFrench Sex MurdersThe Devil’s Wedding Night and Lady Frankenstein.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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