Licensed to Love and Kill (1979)

Charles Bind is back — from his last film, No. 1 of the Secret Service — even if Gareth Hunt from The New Avengers is playing him now. It’s time for a Lindsay Shonteff written and directed version of Bond.

You can also find this movie under the titles An Orchid for No. 1The Man from S.E.X. and Undercover Lover.

This time out, Bind is called in to investigate the disappearance of Lord Dangerfield, which leads him to meet his daughter Carlotta Muff-Dangerfield (Fiona Curzon, Frightmare) who is called “Lotta Muff.”

Yes, that happens. There’s also an American Senator named Lucifer Orchid. Here you thought Bond movies were bad at names.

Genre fans will be happy to see Deep Roy (Fellini from Flash Gordon, Teeny Weeny from The NeverEnding Story), as well as cannibal star Me Me Lai (The Man from Deep RiverLast Cannibal WorldEaten Alive!), Imogen Hassell (Toomorrow) and Toby Robins, who went on to play Melina Havelock’s mother in the For Your Eyes Only.

At this point, the Bond films were already a parody, so this movie just takes the ridiculousness even further.

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