Murder by Decree (1979)

Bob Clark always surprises me. How can the same director create Porky's, A Christmas Story, Black Christmas, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things and Deathdream? Here's one more movie that doesn't seem like it belongs in his list of films: a Jack the Ripper movie where the real-life killer battles with Sherlock Holmes. Written by playwright John Hopkins (Thunderball)… Continue reading Murder by Decree (1979)

TABLOID WEEK: The Late, Great Planet Earth (1979)

The Late, Great Planet Earth started as a best-selling 1970 book, released as the hippie occult generation's dreams flamed out at Altamont and was annihilated on Cielo Drive. Written by Hal Lindsey with Carole C. Carlson, it was adapted by Rolf Forsberg and Robert Amram and became the film we're about to get into. That's the thing… Continue reading TABLOID WEEK: The Late, Great Planet Earth (1979)