ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Black Hole (1979)

The Black Hole is more than just the first Disney movie to be rated PG and to feature swearing (as well as one of the most expensive they'd produced at that point). It's also a dark film, one closer to Event Horizon than Escape from Witch Mountain. The USS Palomino is near the end of its long… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Black Hole (1979)

ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Humanoid (1979)

There are times that films feel like gift packages wrapped up for just me and my insane taste in movies. Let me tell you all of the ways that The Humanoid makes me want to fall to my knees and give thanks: it's an Italian ripoff of Star Wars directed by Aldo Lado (Who Saw Her Die?, The… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES: The Humanoid (1979)

Fascination (1979)

Jean Rollin was a master of the fantastique, the way that the French refer to a mixture of science fiction, horror and fantasy. What's the difference between fantastique and fantasy? The former is more concerned with the intrusion of supernatural phenomena into an otherwise realist narrative. In this genre, the supernatural may be met with doubt,… Continue reading Fascination (1979)