Frightmare (1974) vs. Frightmare (1983)

There are two movies named Frightmare. Both are enjoyable on their own merits, despite the fact that Prism re-released the 1974 film as a sequel to the 1983 one, which makes no sense. Whether you choose an older British cannibal or a movie star who seems to defy death, both films are quite entertaining. Consider the following the “tale of the tape” to determine which one best matches your filmgoing fancy!

MOVIE Frightmare (1974) Frightmare (1983)
Directed by Pete Walker (The Comeback, House of Whipcord, House of the Long Shadows) Norman Thaddeus Vane (Shadow of the Hawk, The Black Room)
Alternate titles Cover Up, Once Upon a Frightmare The Horror Star, Body Snatchers
Stars Sheila Keith (The Comeback, House of Mortal Sin) Ferdy Mayne (Night Train to Terror, The Fearless Vampire Killers)
Who plays Dorothy Yates, a recently released mental patient who ate at least six people in 1957 and may have had a relapse 19 years later. Conrad Razkoff, a horror film star who fakes his death before seemingly existing beyond life and death as he wipes out a drama class.
Body count 7 9
Tag line What terrifying craving made her kill…and kill…and kill? There is no escape, not even death…
Movie within a movie The hero and heroine go to see 1973’s La Grande Bouffe. There’s a poster on the wall of Razkoff’s mansion for Fulci’s Zombi.
Dialogue Edmund Yates: They said she was well again! They said she was well… Razkoff’s favorite director: The world is rid of you and I am rid of you. Good night, sweet prince of ham!
Spoiler warning Dorothy and Debbie eat Jackie’s (step-daughter and step-sister, respectively)  boyfriend while the father, Edmund,  watches. Then, they menacingly turn to her. After killing nearly the entire cast, Razoff speaks directly to you, the viewer, to let you know how much he enjoys being in Hell.

This article originally appeared in Drive-In Asylum issue 11. Grab your copy here.

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