MARK GREGORY WEEK: Thunder (1983)

Native American warrior Thunder has returned home, only to discover that the white man is destroying his ancestral burial ground. He tries to stop them, but the law only protects whites. He's beaten and banished and left for dead. But now, he's going to get his revenge. Yes, it's a takeoff of Rambo Italian style, but it also stars… Continue reading MARK GREGORY WEEK: Thunder (1983)

Fire and Ice (1983)

Fire and Ice is a movie packed with talent. You have the union of Ralph Bakshi, whose films American Pop, Cool World, The Lord of the Rings, Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic and Wizards redefined animation in the 70's, 80's and 90's. Then you have perhaps one of America's -- if not the world's -- foremost fantasy artists in Frank Frazetta.… Continue reading Fire and Ice (1983)

Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)

Is there an actor that can save any movie for you? There is one for me: John Saxon. I have sat through many a piece of absolute shit only because Saxon shows up to be the hero of the day, even if he's usually the villain. TV reporter Carrie Madison (Kay Lenz, The Initiation of… Continue reading Prisoners of the Lost Universe (1983)

Frightmare (1974) vs. Frightmare (1983)

There are two movies named Frightmare. Both are enjoyable on their own merits, despite the fact that Prism re-released the 1974 film as a sequel to the 1983 one, which makes no sense. Whether you choose an older British cannibal or a movie star who seems to defy death, both films are quite entertaining. Consider… Continue reading Frightmare (1974) vs. Frightmare (1983)