Terrorvision (1986)

Movies like this are why we created this website. Terrorvision is a lunatic voyage into the 80’s with tongue planted so firmly in cheek, it’s gorily popping out the other side. It’s one of the strangest films you’ll see. And it gets a high recommendation from us. Why?

Ted Nicolaou directed more than just this movie — he was also behind Bad Channels and the Subspecies films. Here, he’s helped create a tale where a Hungry Beast from the planet Pluton ends up being beamed to the Putterman house through their fancy new satellite dish.

Oh, the Puttermans. We have Grandpa (Bert Remsen, who appeared in so many of Robert Altman’s movies), Sherman, the son, who idolizes the old man. Then there’s mom and dad (Mary Woronov and Gerrit Graham, a double bill of B and S favorites in the same film!), who just want to swing. And Suzy (Diane Franklin from Better Off DeadAmityville 2: The Possession and all of Sam’s teenage yearnings) , who just wants to go out with her boyfriend OD (Jon Gries who is famous in our house from Fright Night Part 2 and more well known in everyone else’s as Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite).

Holy shit! Is that Alejandro Ray from The Swarm and The Ninth Configuration as a swinger? Yes, it is. And he’s joined by Randi Brooks from Hamburger…The Motion Picture (someday, we’re really going to have to do HBO week and cover that one!).

The alien ends up earing everything it can while imitating other people. The kids all decide to use the beast for profit, but that backfires and it seems like only the alien from Pluton can save them when Medusa, a horror talk show host, shows up to party and thinks the alien is the bad guy. Whoops.

Terrorvision is a crazy cavalcade of ideas and music videos and just plain strangeness. It’s a movie made for pizza and beer, for teenage sleepovers and for whatever substances you have handy. This is probably the most slime you’ll ever see in a movie, too.

Luckily, Amazon Prime has this for free with membership. I spend hours curating our next up list there and this was waiting to be watched for some time. It was worth the wait!

PS — The artwork for this movie comes from the shirt that Cavity Colors created. All of their products are great and so is their service! Grab one of these shirts while they last!

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