FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)

Also known as Dangerous Obsession,this movie was intended to be Lucio Fulci's comeback after more than a year of dealing with hepatitis. It's a return to the giallo (or at least sexually related drama) that he was creating in the early 70's instead of the gore that he'd become infamous for throughout the 80's, but when… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: The Devil’s Honey (1986)

STEPHEN KING WEEK: Maximum Overdrive (1986)

After seeing other people direct his work, Stephen King was probably pretty unsatisfied with the results. He famously disagreed with the direction that Stanley Kubrick took The Shining, after all. In 1986, thanks to Dino De Laurentiis, he got to direct this ode to insanity, based on his short story Trucks (which has also been made into a… Continue reading STEPHEN KING WEEK: Maximum Overdrive (1986)

TOBE HOOPER WEEK: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

In my Fangoria reading youth, there were two constants: Texas Chainsaw Massacare was the scariest movie ever and Tom Savini was the master of gore. If you put that chocolate into that bloody peanut butter, what would you get? And in a world where Freddy, Jason and soon, Michael Meyers would all get sequel after sequel, why… Continue reading TOBE HOOPER WEEK: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Invaders from Mars (1986)

Following the failure of Lifeforce (at least commercially, I'm on the side of it being an interesting affair), Tobe Hooper turned to a remake of 1953's Invaders from Mars. After several writers took a shot at the script, Dan O'Bannon (the USC film student who famously created Dark Star with John Carpenter, left for Europe in the hopes of… Continue reading TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Invaders from Mars (1986)

NO FALSE METAL MOVIES WEEK: Trick or Treat (1986)

The director of A Dolphin's Tale and A Dolphin's Tale 2, Skippy from Family Ties and one of the stars of A Chorus Line made the most metal film ever. Let that sink in. I grew up a fat, bespeckled child in a small town with crushing self esteem issues, a love for gore movies and a sarcastic mind that… Continue reading NO FALSE METAL MOVIES WEEK: Trick or Treat (1986)