Tales from the Darkside episode 8: “The Word Processor of the Gods”

Based on the story by Stephen King and adapted by Michael McDowell (BeetlejuiceThe Nightmare Before Christmas), this Michael Gornick-directed episode has Bruce Davison as Richard Hagstrom, a man who has just inherited an upgraded computer from his nephew Jonathan. This computer is quite unique, as it has the power to grant wishes.

Richard’s life is rough. He has no real love for his wife Lina or son Seth Robert. The love of his life, Belinda, is married to his brother Robert, an alcoholic. And I should say was married, as Robert has driven their car off a cliff and killed everyone, including Jonathan, one of the few people who Richard likes.

This is one of the better Tales from the Darkside stories, a near-perfect adaption of King’s story on a small budget. Somehow, Richard is able to take this gift and use it to find a happy ending, something that rarely — if ever — happens with wishes.

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