Big Bad Mama II (1984)

Roger Corman and Angie Dickinson are still on board for another Big Bad Mama a decade later, bringing on Jim Wynorski as the director. Yes, the writer of Forbidden World, Sorceress and Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time as well as the director of Chopping Mall and so many more. Remember when the Medved brothers decried Dickinson being nude in… Continue reading Big Bad Mama II (1984)

Night Patrol (1984)

If you learn anything today, know that Linda Blair and Murray Langston, AKA The Unknown Comic, made two movies together: the romantic comedy Up Your Alley and this film, which takes Police Academy to an even filthier and more ridiculous level. Seriously: there's no way this movie could have been made in 2019. Jackie Kong directed… Continue reading Night Patrol (1984)

They’re Playing with Fire (1984)

Hikmet Avedis was the director of 1974's The Teacher. Howard Avedis is the director of this film (as well as Mortuary). They're similar films. And the same person. So there you go. This movie is all about Jay (Eric Brown, Private Lessons), who gets caught up in a film noir-like murder mystery. And see, you thought that this… Continue reading They’re Playing with Fire (1984)