Stitches (1985)

Rod Holcomb mostly has worked as a TV director. For this film, he declined to use his name, instead going by Alan Smithee. Is it really that embarrassing? As bad as making the movie Chains of Gold, the only thing that John Travolta ever wrote?

Parker Stevenson, Geoffrey Lewis and Brian Tochi (yes, he of Takashi from Revenge of the Nerds, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle and Nagata from Police Academy 3 and 4 fame) are medical students running afoul of the administration, which would be Eddie Albert.

Robin Dearden, who would one day by Bryan Cranston’s wife, is in this. So there’s that. You learned something, even if these medical students didn’t. It does, however, have a great open where the three medical madcaps dress up as cadavers and freak out an entire class.

I can accept cops being against the rules. For some reason, I can’t do the same with doctors. I don’t know what that says about me.

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