AMERICAN GIALLO: Blackout (1985)

Douglas Hickox directed one of my favorite films, Vincent Price's Theater of Blood. And he also directed this -- a TV movie turned video store favorite thanks to its striking box art. Joe Steiner (Richard Widmark, whose portrayal of Tommy Udo in Kiss of Death would inspire Eric Binford in 1980's Fade to Black) is a cop who can't let… Continue reading AMERICAN GIALLO: Blackout (1985)

CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Santa Claus the Movie (1985)

After the father-and-son production team of Alexander and Ilya Salkind finished up with Superman III and Supergirl, what else was left but to explain the mysteries of Santa Claus to children all over the world? Who should direct should an endeavor? How about John Carpenter? No, really. However, the auteur wanted to have a hand in the writing, musical… Continue reading CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Santa Claus the Movie (1985)

STEPHEN KING WEEK: Silver Bullet (1985)

Silver Bullet may be based on King's Cycle of the Werewolf, but there are so many deviations and changes from the story, one could say that they're both stories about a werewolf in a small town and get away with it. It's probably best to experience both of them, as they cover some of the same story… Continue reading STEPHEN KING WEEK: Silver Bullet (1985)

STEPHEN KING WEEK: Cat’s Eye (1985)

Cat's Eye takes three Stephen King stories, "Quitters, Inc.", "The Ledge" (both from Night Shift) and "General," an original story. The three tales are connected by a cat, who is involved in the first two stories but becomes the main character in the final part of the film. That cat starts as a stray who is chased by… Continue reading STEPHEN KING WEEK: Cat’s Eye (1985)

TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Lifeforce (1985)

We're here to praise Tobe Hooper, not bury him. But to get there, we have to go through some rough periods. By 1985, Hooper's career was in limbo. Sure, he'd tasted box office success with 1982's Poltergeist, but he'd also be dogged with rumors -- or truths -- that he'd not really directed the film. Toss… Continue reading TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Lifeforce (1985)