Paintball Massacre (2020)

A bunch of British kids decide to turn their class reunion into a day of fun on the paintball course. However, someone is packing more than paint-based ammunition and is ready to kill them all one-by-one in one of the few slashers I’ve seen that brings in the sport of, well, paintball.

The first full-length film by Darren Berry, who often works as a cinematographer, this film stars Katy Brand, Robert Portal, Cheryl Burniston, Lee Latchford-Evans, Lockhart Oglive and Natasha Killip. There’s even a cameo by Nicholas Vince, who played the Chattering Cenobite in the first two Hellraiser movies.

There’s an attempt at humor here, but it kind of fell flat to me. I did like the scene with a mine going off, as I didn’t expect the film to have the budget to handle that. Otherwise, your enjoyment of this will depend upon your love of slashers — mine is high, obviously — and your enjoyment of getting plugged with paintballs.

You can learn more at the film’s official site. It’s available on DVD and on demand from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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