White Lie (2019)

Originally called Baldy, this movie is all about Katie Arneson (Kacey Rohl from The Magicians and Arrow), who has become a poster girl on her campus as she continues to attend classes despite fighting what seems to be a losing battle with cancer. Despite this diagnosis, she remains a popular undergrad with a close-knit group of friends and a fulfillig relationship with her partner Jennifer (Amber Anderson, Emma).

There’s only one problem.

She doesn’t have cancer.

Written and directed by Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas, this is a fearless movie that presents a character that we should, by all right, absolutely hate. Yet by the time we see how Katie has used sympathy and fame to gain everything she wants — while giving up on her family, with a father who remembers how she got away from school in the wake of her mother’s suicide by faking another sickness — at the cost of everyone who has fallen in love with her.

From the description, I didn’t think that this was a movie that would engage me for as long as it did. I’m happy to report that this was better than expected and urge you to seek it out and watch it for yourself.

You can learn more on the film’s official Instagram, FacebookTwitter and web site. This film will be streaming on all on demand properties as of January 5.

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