A Perfect Host (2019)

About the Author: Paul Andolina is a great fan of movies. You can check out his sites Wrestling with Film and Is the Dad Alive? A Perfect Host, originally titled Adonis Complex is a thriller directed by Chad Werner. It stars Emily Hiott (who along with Chad wrote the film), John Michael Simpson, Katelyn Marie Marshall, Jeff McQuitty,… Continue reading A Perfect Host (2019)

Bombshell (2019)

Jay Roach has split his career between comedies -- Austin Powers, Dinner for Schmucks, Meet the Parents -- with politics -- Recount, Game Change, Trumbo, All the Way -- and even The Campaign and this film, two movies that try to straddle the line. (He made his directing debut with the 1990 Porkys/Animal House inspired comedy Zoo Radio.) Working from a… Continue reading Bombshell (2019)

Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

I love Jillian Bell. She elevates everything she is in, from Workaholics to 22 Jump Street. So I was excited to see her star in a film, despite it seeming like pure formula from its trailer. The good news is it that it's anything but. Paul Downs Colaizzo was born in Pittsburgh, but raised in Georgia and… Continue reading Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

#NoJoke (2019)

In #NoJoke, singer Andrew Cole sets out to convince his musical idols to help him make a song for victims of bullying. He’s joined by Jeff Goldblum, Slash, Patrick Stewart, Lemmy, Chad Smith, Jane Lynch and more, who share their talents and their sometimes painful experiences with him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAHCfn1r99o&feature=youtu.be From writer/director Manfred Becker, #NoJoke chronicles… Continue reading #NoJoke (2019)

Knives Out (2019)

Rian Johnson has jumped genres throughout his career -- the noir Brick, the comedy of The Brothers Bloom, the science fiction of Looper, the big blockbuster that was Star Wars: the Last Jedi and now Knives Out. He also helmed an episode of Breaking Bad that won him a directing Emmy. Since 2005, Johnson has had this Agatha Christie-influenced film in… Continue reading Knives Out (2019)

Urban Fears (2019)

The byline for this movie states: "Most horror stories take place in suburban areas, but these three teenagers are about to realize that those are not the only places where these things happen." Nicholas Michael Jacobs also directed Night, a movie that features long shots of people getting ready. This one starts with nearly ten minutes… Continue reading Urban Fears (2019)