The Glorious Seven (2019)

Seven mercenaries make up The Glorious Seven in writer-director Harald Franklin’s homage to Akira Kurosawa's 1954 film The Seven Samurai. The film has already been remade before. In 1960, director John Sturges turned it into The Magnificent Seven, which led to three sequels, Return of the Seven, Guns of the Magnificent Seven and The Magnificent Seven Ride. There was also a… Continue reading The Glorious Seven (2019)

Soldier of War (2019)

Deep in the forest, two teenage boys accidentally discover the entrance to a secret military bunker hidden since World War II. They awaken an undead soldier who soon wipes out everyone he comes in contact with, including the police who are trying to solve the crime. Only a World War II vet with dementia (John Rhys-Davies!) knows how to stop… Continue reading Soldier of War (2019)

The Car: Road to Revenge (2019)

In a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk city of the future that's been destroyed by crime and corruption, a District Attorney finds the information he needs to finally arrest a gang of cyborg criminals. Too bad he's killed before he can do anything about it. But then again, his car has come back, looking for revenge. And that's how the kinda, sorta… Continue reading The Car: Road to Revenge (2019)