3 Lives (2019)

A woman on the run from ruthless kidnappers discovers her rescuer is the man jailed for attacking her 15 years earlier. That's the story behind director Juliane Block's (Kinks, 8 Remains) new film, which is available on DVD and digital on August 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhlYxmOWdCc&feature=youtu.be Emma wakes up to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker along… Continue reading 3 Lives (2019)

Serenity (2019)

Along with Mike Whitehill and David Briggs, Steven Knight created the game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? He's also written plenty of screenplays -- he contributed to Eastern Promises and Shutter Island, which this movie feels like the Italian ripoff of -- and wrote and directed the films Locke and Hummingbird. None of these things will prepare you… Continue reading Serenity (2019)

Secret Obsession (2019)

Peter Sullivan is a writer and producer whose IMDB page is replete with TV movies with words like Christmas, The Wrong and Cheerleader in the titles. If this was 1970, he'd be making movies that'd run late at night on CBS and play at drive-ins. Today, his movies end up on Netflix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc6loZU3kjQ Brenda Song… Continue reading Secret Obsession (2019)

Child’s Play (2019)

This is the first Child's Play movie made without the involvement of creator Don Mancini and actor Brad Dourif. Instead, Lars Klevberg (whose film Polaroid has been lost in the legislative downfall of the Weinsteins) directed from a script by Tyler Burton Smith (who wrote the video games Sleeping Dogs and Quantum Break). Mancini has criticized the remake while understanding that… Continue reading Child’s Play (2019)

Clickbait (2019)

Let's lead this off with the director's statement on the film: "Great horror films find ways to create physical manifestations of abstract fears and anxieties. Modern popularity culture imposes a certain pressure on younger people to create complex, performative identities, and to fearlessly face the consequences of the resulting fracturing of their self-image. We wanted… Continue reading Clickbait (2019)