Ape Week: Empire of the Apes (2013)

Somewhere past our galaxy, in a land where special effects can be downloaded from the web and inserted in After Effects, three female convicts find themselves stranded on a world of warlike apes. They must battle these gorillas and the warden that comes after them or face become concubines for these brutal primates.

Mark Polonia has been making movies since the 1980’s with titles like Amityville Death House and Sharkenstein. While Tubi may be a magical place where you can discover all manner of movies, you can also find movies like this, shot on digital video with credits that look like the PowerPoint that your family made to show off photos at some gathering like an anniversary party.

If the jungle looks like Johnstown, good news. It is Johnstown.

It does, however, answer the question of “What happens when a human does some Planet of the Aardvarking with one of the Planet of the Apes apes?”

You can watch this on Tubi.

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