Night of Something Strange (2016)

Five teenage friends just want to go to the beach for Spring Break. However, one of them gets a deadly sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat and soon spreads it through the group as they spend the night at an isolated motel. What's even scarier than an STD? One that transforms you into the living dead.… Continue reading Night of Something Strange (2016)

The 6th Friend (2016)

Directed by producer and star Jamie Bernadette, who co-wrote the film with Letia Clouston, this supernatural slasher film is the story of six college best friends celebrating their own graduation party only to see it go to hell -- literally -- when an uninvited guest arrives. Five years later, the girls get together again, obviously having learned… Continue reading The 6th Friend (2016)


When I was 16 years old, I probably watched Phantasm II every single day. Honestly, I was completely obsessed with the film and its gliding metal spheres that promised destruction every time they whizzed past the screen. At that stage of my life, I hated where I was and couldn't wait to be where I was… Continue reading WATCH THE SERIES: Phantasm