A Husband for Christmas (2016)

Brooke and Roger, two graphic designers in a soon-to-be-merged company, help one another by agreeing to a loveless marriage of convenience. In the process, Brooke gets to upstage her sister who just announced her engagement to her ex-boyfriend. Now, you may say, "Sam why are you watching this?" David DeCoteau got me again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELKvR1bjiv8 Yes,… Continue reading A Husband for Christmas (2016)

2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 18: Beyond the Gates (2016)

DAY 18. ONLY ON VHS Day: Watch something on true psychotronic format. If you don’t have access to a VCR then watch a movie with a VCR/VHS theme in it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWY1y0VyLgE Thanks to the Found Footage Festival, so many people have gotten the chance to see a lost part of the VHS era -- board games… Continue reading 2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 18: Beyond the Gates (2016)

2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 7 Option 2: Daikaiju Mono (2016)

DAY 7. DAIKAIJU: The bigger the better. Who needs a city anyway? We already did War of the Gargantuas today, but you can never get enough giant monster movies, much less one that is endlessly self-referential! Japan is in a mess to say the least. The weather is all screwed up, volcanoes have stopped erupting, there… Continue reading 2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 7 Option 2: Daikaiju Mono (2016)

Mad Shelia 疯狂的希拉 (2016)

About the Author: You can read the music and film reviews of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his work on Facebook. He also writes for B&S Movies. On February 28, 2016, George’s Miller’s beleaguered, long-gestating fourth film in the Mad Max-franchise swept the 88th Academy Awards with ten Oscar nominations and, deservingly,… Continue reading Mad Shelia 疯狂的希拉 (2016)

Bad Moms (2016)

The team of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore started their careers by contributing uncredited rewrites to movies like Wedding Crashers, 27 Dresses and Monster-in-Law. Their breakthrough was The Hangover, which gave them the juice they needed to start co-directing movies of their own. This film was a surprise success for them, grossing around $183 million worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwhoDMUTWOw… Continue reading Bad Moms (2016)

Popstar: Never Stop Stopping (2016)

After Hot Rod, The Lonely Island team of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone tackled the world of pop music yet bombed bigger than the movie's hero, Conner4Real making only $9 million back from a $20 million dollar budget. I have no idea why. This is the kind of movie that rewards multiple viewings, sticking… Continue reading Popstar: Never Stop Stopping (2016)

Night of Something Strange (2016)

Five teenage friends just want to go to the beach for Spring Break. However, one of them gets a deadly sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat and soon spreads it through the group as they spend the night at an isolated motel. What's even scarier than an STD? One that transforms you into the living dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2CMypNIX8Y… Continue reading Night of Something Strange (2016)