Combat Academy (1986)

When it comes to the youth against authority genre, you really can’t go wrong with Neal Israel. Just look at his resume. Beyond directing  Bachelor Party, he wrote Police AcademyMoving Violations and Real Genius. Here’s a weird fact: he was once married to Amy Heckerling, but they divorced after making Look Who’s Talking Too together. You know what else helped? Israel believed their daughter, Mollie, was his until a DNA test proved that she was really the daughter of Harold Ramis.

Originally airing on NBC on November 23, 1986, this movie is all about Max Mendelsson (Keith Gordon, who seemingly was in everything) and Perry Barnett (Wally Ward), two pranksters who cause so much damage that a judge (Sherman Hemsley) sends them to Kirkland Military School.

There, they run afoul of Cadet Major Biff Woods (George Clooney!), who is trying to prove himself to his father, General Edward “Ed” Woods (Robert Culp) who runs the school along with Colonel Frierick (Jamie Farr).

I can hear you asking so let me answer. Yes, as this movie was made in 1986, Richard Moll is definitely in it. He and Keith Gordon being in the same movie, well…if Michael Caine had been there as well, the world would have ended. We got close with Dressed to Kill. This would be the other time that the world skirted so close to oblivion, with these multi-movie stars all so close to aligning and unleashing the end of all things.

It also has the late Dana Hill from National Lampoon’s European Vacation, Bernie Kopell (Doc from Love Boat), Dick Van Patten, Tina Caspary (Mac and MeTeen Witch), John Ratzenberger and Marc Price (Ragman from Trick or Treat).

Before Neal Israel’s connection with Police Academy, you may have seen this movie as Combat High. It was renamed in syndication.

You can watch this on YouTube:

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