King Frat (1979)

For years I read about King Frat in Cinema Sewer and always debated if I could handle it. And then I came across its entry in Teen Movie Hell and realized that as I was planning a week of teen movies to go along with it, that I’d have to battle my way through it. I’m happy to say that I’ve made it. And really, it’s something else.

Before he became the founding editor of The Huffington Post, Roy Sekoff starred in this movie, which was filmed in Miami and Coral Gables as a takeoff of Animal House. The Bluto Blutarsky of this film is J.J. “Gross-Out” Gumbroski, played by John DiSanti, who believe it or not would go on to be in other movies (*batteries not included is one of them).

Set at Yellowstream University, this movie follows the Pi Kappa Delta fraternity, who are only concerned with drinking. A good chunk of the film involves them mooning people, which leads to the death of the dean of the school. Then, a farting contest is announced and everyone battles to have the best farts in a scene that goes on longer than you’d expect, then goes about another seven minutes past that.

I mean, just watch the first ten minutes of this movie, knowing that this same song plays for the entire movie.

Amazingly, King Frat comes from Ken Wiederhorn, the same man who directed Shock Waves, Return of the Living Dead Part II and Meatballs II. What a resume!

King Frat is literally the bottom of the absolute barrel of filmmaking and I love it. If Animal House was too classy for you, if you wondered if they could make a movie where a frat could murder a dean by farting in his face and stealing the body and then have a scene where numerous men and women fart and nearly shit themselves, good news. This is the movie for you.

Thanks to Dan Wars for uncovering this treasure. You can see more great buttons from him here:

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