Rolling Vengeance (1987)

The first time I saw the trailer for this movie, I knew that it was exactly the kind of movie that i was looking for. I strongly believe that most movies would be better if they had a sax-driven montage where monster truck death machines were assembled.

It was directed by Steven Hilliard Stern, who also was behind The Park Is Mine, Mazes and Monsters and the Still the Beaver TV movie.

The five drunken lout sons of strip club owner Tiny Doyle (Ned Beatty, who legally must be in every redneck movie) rule the streets of an unnamed small Southern town. One of them, Vic, gets drunk and runs Big Joe Russo’s wife Kathy (Susan Hogan, The Brood) off the wrote, killing her and their two daughters. All he gets is a $300 fine.

Big Joe goes after Vic, but the Doyle family kill him and assault his son Joey’s girlfriend Misty. That’s when Joey does whatever you and I would do — he builds that monster truck with a flamethrower, a drill and a metal cutter and goes off on everyone who has wronged him.

If you love monster trucks smashing cars, then I can’t recommend this movie enough to you.

You know what they say about vehicular-based revenge. Get two parking spaces.

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