NORTH OF THE BORDER HORROR: Beyond the Seventh Door (1987)

Boris has just been released from jail and has been agreed to do just one more heist -- rob the mansion of paraplegic millionaire Lord Breston, who just so happens to be his ex-girlfriend Wendy's boss. That's the simplest explanation for a movie that is so much more. This piece of Canadian strangeness was directed by B.… Continue reading NORTH OF THE BORDER HORROR: Beyond the Seventh Door (1987)

NORTH OF THE BORDER HORROR: Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou (1987)

If I've learned anything from Cathy's Curse, it's that when someone in Canada gets possessed, they just end up being rude and swearing a lot. This movie -- no relation to Prom Night -- only adds to my theory. Originally entitled The Haunting of Hamilton High, this film is rife with horror trivia, such as lockers that… Continue reading NORTH OF THE BORDER HORROR: Prom Night 2: Hello Mary Lou (1987)

AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Demon of Paradise (1987)

Cirio Santiago was the president of the Philippines Film Development Fund, a position that charged him with improving the quality of Filipino films and encouraging the production of foreign movies on location in the Philippines. But you may know him better for movies like Firehawk, T.N.T. Jackson, Stryker or Vampire Hookers (or Cemetery Girls or Ladies of the Night or Night… Continue reading AMPHIBIAN WEEK: Demon of Paradise (1987)

STEPHEN KING WEEK: Creepshow 2 (1987)

In a perfect world, Creepshow 2 would be even better than the original. But sadly, the world is not perfect and we often have to make due with what we have. Directed by Michael Gornick, who was the cinematographer for Romero's Martin, Dawn of the Dead, Knightriders, Day of the Dead and the original Creepshow, this follow-up is based once… Continue reading STEPHEN KING WEEK: Creepshow 2 (1987)

FUCKED UP FUTURES PART 2: World Gone Wild (1987)

In 1970, Lee Katzin made The Phynx, a nearly lost film about a rock band's influence on world politics. It's packed with names, with everyone from Warhol superstar Ultra Violet to Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, Busby Berkeley, Leo Gorcey, Colonel Sanders, Harold Sakata and the inventor of the Bloody Mary, George Jessel. Just as oddly, Katzin would… Continue reading FUCKED UP FUTURES PART 2: World Gone Wild (1987)

FULCI WEEK: Aenigma (1987)

When will young kids learn that you can't pull murderous pranks without supernatural reprisals? Take the girls of St. Mary's College, for example. They set up skinny, unattractive Kathy with Fred Vernon, that hunk of a gym teacher. But it's all a trick -- the minute Kathy starts jumping Fred's bones, cars surround them and… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: Aenigma (1987)

HOUSE WEEK: House II: The Second Story (1987)

Ethan Wiley, who injected the humor into the original House script, returns to direct the sequel, which comes from a story by Fred Dekker that Wiley adapted. If you disliked the comedy in the original film, well, get ready. This one has no interest in being serious. Prologue: a young couple gives up their child before… Continue reading HOUSE WEEK: House II: The Second Story (1987)