Arnold Week: The 6th Day (2000)

Roger Spottiswoode has an interesting career as a director, making everything from Terror Train and The Pursuit of D. B. Cooper to Air America, And the Band Played OnStop! Or My Mom Will ShootTomorrow Never Dies and this Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

Written by Cormac and Marianne Wibberley (the National Treasure movies, I SpyCharlie’s Angels: Full Throttle), Arnold plays helicopter pilot Adam Gibson in this story of cloning. After his friend Hank (Michael Rappaport) dies along with cloning innovator Michael Drucker while snowboarding, Arnold discovers that a clone of himself is at home with his family. He’s soon kidnapped by abducted by Marshall (Michael Rooker), the head of security for Drucker’s company Replacement Technologies and must escape and prove to his family and the authorities that he’s been replaced.

There are a lot of clones in this, as Drucker is not dead and he keeps on cloning nearly everyone he kills. Eventually, the two Adams work together to stop all of this, which leads to a wild scene where Arnold swims through an entire fluid bath filled with clones hanging form umbilical cords.

In the ads for this movie, Arnold refused to be shown with a gun, saying “If people say movies lead to violence, we should make a concession.”

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