Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

Call it El Gran Amor del Conde Dracula. Call it Cemetery Girls. Or Dracula's Great Love -- the title I saw the film under -- or Dracula's Virgin Lovers or The Great Love of Count Dracula. Whatever title you prefer, you're about to savor a nonsensical odyssey through Spanish vampire madness, a world where someone can fall down… Continue reading Count Dracula’s Great Love (1974)

Battletruck (1982)

Imagine you're a Hollywood studio. Let's say you're New World Pictures. You want to ride this wave of post-apocalyptic goodness from Mad Max, but you're just been hit by the 1981 Writers Guild of America strike. What will you do now? Go to New Zealand, that's what. Also known as Warlords of the 21st Century… Continue reading Battletruck (1982)

Drive-In Asylum Summer Special is out now!

Get ready for sixty pages of black, white and random color blasts of newspaper ads and articles about your favorite shark movies! All four Jaws movies get covered -- I wrote about Jaws 4! Plus, the original novel, Great White, The Jaws of Death, Cyclone, Deep Blood, Monster Shark and Tintorera! Plus a special Guest List feature this issue from Drive-In Super Monster-Rama organizers… Continue reading Drive-In Asylum Summer Special is out now!

Drive-In Asylum Summer Shark Special next month!

I'm beyond excited that this issue is on the way! Get ready for page after page of chum and gore-soaked waters, as the crew of Drive-In Asylum tackles everything from Jaws through Jaws the Revenge and everything else in their wake, including 100% brand new articles from me on those two movies, Cruel Jaws, Monster Shark and Deep Blood! I've rewatched… Continue reading Drive-In Asylum Summer Shark Special next month!

Pre-order the new issue of Drive-In Asylum!

Order now at the Etsy store! All orders ship July 15th! Drive-In Asylum #16 features an interview with the star of Larry Buchanan's The Naked Witch and widow of S.F. Brownrigg, Libby Hall! I got to contribute a cool painting to this article. For my article this issue, I'm covering the batshit crazy French female zombie… Continue reading Pre-order the new issue of Drive-In Asylum!