MANGIATI VIVI week starts tomorrow!

I've always been afraid of cannibal movies. They're stomach turning bursts of the sheer bottom of the cinematic barrel, packed with guts, gore and often, real footage of atrocities. But I braved through seven of these films to face my fear and provide you with the written results. Next week's films are: Cannibal Ferox: Drug… Continue reading MANGIATI VIVI week starts tomorrow!

An interview with the creators of the Super Mario Brothers Archive!

Steve Applebaum and Ryan Hoss are behind the Super Mario Brothers Archive, a website originally founded in 2007 by Ryan to showcase his vast collection of memorabilia related to the film’s production and merchandising efforts. Steve joined later, helping the site with its mission to provide insight into the film’s production and development. I know… Continue reading An interview with the creators of the Super Mario Brothers Archive!


Starting tomorrow, we'll be spending a week celebrating one of our favorite directors and his remarkable filmography! Here are the movies we've picked to share with you: Hatchet for the Honeymoon: Fashion. Oedipal complexes. Murder. Wedding dresses. And even a meta wink to past Bava films. This one truly has it all. Hercules in the… Continue reading MARIO BAVA WEEK STARTS TOMORROW!


Sure, Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes out next week. But here at B&S About Movies, we'd much rather discuss the films that are inspired by, well, more like completely ripoff Star Wars. All next week, we'll be sharing these films: The Humanoid: Jaws from James Bond! Ivan Rassimov as Darth Vader!  A robot dog who pees on… Continue reading ATTACK OF THE CLONES starts Monday!