Drive-On Asylum Issue 9 is here!

The new issue of Drive-In Asylum is available right here! Do you love Messiah of Evil? Good news. There are interviews with Anitra Ford and Marianna Hill, plus two paintings from me. And there's info on Son of Dracula, Berserk, Hell Night, Human Remains, Bert I. Gordon, ads from the past and a story from me about 1991's Popcorn! ORDER IT… Continue reading Drive-On Asylum Issue 9 is here!

TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Eaten Alive (1977)

Tobe Hooper followed up The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with another film that examined the horror and depravity that existed with South Texas. Texas Chainsaw Massacre co-writer Kim Henkel was inspired by Joe Ball, the Alligator Man, who owned a live alligator attraction in the 1930s. Despite being suspected of several murders, legend had it that Ball would feed the dead women to… Continue reading TOBE HOOPER WEEK: Eaten Alive (1977)

The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail (1971)

I promised to get to another Sergio Martino movie this week and I hope that I have not betrayed your trust, dear reader. While she makes love to someone else, Lisa's husband dies in a jet crash. She stands to inherit all of his money, despite them being basically separated. An ex-lover has a confrontation… Continue reading The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail (1971)

Sergio Martino week starts Monday!

Next week, we'll explore five movies from director Sergio Martino, particularly from his 1971-1973, when he made five different giallo in quick succession -- all completely different takes on the form, so different that it seems like it could come from five different voices. These films are: The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh --… Continue reading Sergio Martino week starts Monday!