feardotcom (2002)

At one point, William Malone was on top of the horror world — well, of the 90’s and the less said about that era the better — thanks to his remake of House on Haunted Hill. And then came feardotcom.

Wanting to make a movie that looked “basically like a nightmare,” this ended up being one of twenty-one films* that audience polling service CinemaScore — “the industry leader in measuring movie appeal among theatre audiences” — rated an F.

Stephen Dorff is Detective Mike Reilly and Stephen Rea is serial killer Alistair Pratt. They’re up against one another and have one thing in common: both actors deserve much better.

Also deserving better: Udo Keir and Jeffrey Combs.

All of Pratt’s victims have visited a website called feardotcom.com which shows torture porn. Once they view it, they all go insane and then kill themselves within 48 hours, kind of, sort of and totally like The Ring.

The site is actually the ghost of one of Pratt’s first kills, so there’s the twist. Did I ruin it for you? Or did I save you from watching this?

Well, it’s on Tubi. So watch it if you dare, I guess. Right?

*The others are Alone in the DarkThe BoxBigDarknessThe Devil InsideDisaster MovieDoctor T and the WomenEye of the BeholderI Know Who Killed MeIn the CutKilling Them SoftlyLost SoulsLucky Numbersmother!Silent HouseSolarisThe Turning, the remake of The Wicker ManWolf Creek and the remake of The Grudge.

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