VIDEO GAME WEEK: Super Mario Brothers (1993)

My wife has never played Super Mario Brothers. She first saw this film at the now Hollywood Theater in Dormont as a child and it became one of the many films she rewatched over and over again as she grew up. I've never seen the movie Super Mario Brothers, but the Mario character was a big part… Continue reading VIDEO GAME WEEK: Super Mario Brothers (1993)

AMERICAN GIALLO: Sliver (1993)

Remember Joe Eszterhas? The writer who pretty much owned the theaters in the late 80's and early 90's with films like Flashdance, Basic Instinct, Jade and Showgirls?  In addition to Sliver, at least two of the films above -- Basic Instinct and Jade -- could qualify as giallo-style films. When reviewed through the lens of 2018, his films seem puerile at worst and silly… Continue reading AMERICAN GIALLO: Sliver (1993)