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April is James Bond and spy month. Share your thoughts on any of these films!

May will have Police Academy (and ripoffs) week, movies with wrestlers, TV movies, giallo and docs and mondo.

If you don’t want to work in any of those weeks, you can always pick four movies and share a drive-in post with the world.

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The Dark Shadows Quarantine

The Collinsport Historical Society is an amazing site that I used as a reference throughout the makings of our Dan Curtis week. And now, they’re working to keep people sane during quarantine with a Dark Shadows watching event.

According to the site: “Beginning every half hour on Saturday at noon, Eastern Standard Time, we’re going to watch an episode of Dark Shadows … beginning with episode 210. From there, it will be a block of 24 episodes ending at midnight. Join other fans on Twitter to talk about these episodes live, using the hashtag #DarkShadows. Here’s a schedule of episodes for the first four days. You can follow me online at @CousinBarnabas and Patrick McCray at @TheRealMcCray. (This whole thing was his idea!) And don’t forget the hashtag … that’s how other Dark Shadows fans will find you. The schedule below will allow you to drop in and out of the event as you please.”

You can watch these episodes on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Tubi. Or, you can be a maniac like we are and have all of them on DVD already. Or VHS, if you’ve been into it long enough.

Severin free movies to help

While you’re sitting home and watching TV during this time of panic, Severin has plenty of movies that are free to watch on Amazon Prime and Tubi. Here are a few that I’d suggest.

All the Colors of Giallo: A documentary about the films that are so inside my heart they stab it with a knife and choke it with black leather gloves. Want to start watching giallo and don’t know where to begin? This is it. Available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Brain of Blood: When they ran out of Blood Island movies, they turned to Al Adamson for assistance. He came through with blood and brains galore. So recommended. Available on Amazon Prime.

Beast of Blood: Speaking of Blood Island…that green goup you’re supposed to drink before it will protect you from all of the babes, blood and beasts that this sinister atoll contains. Available on Amazon Prime.

Brides of Blood: Movies would never be so lunatic after Blood Island closed down. Dwarves with whips? That’s so Blood Island. Available on Amazon Prime.

Dark Waters: Lovecraftian nuns keeping a secret from humanity? Hey — whatever gets your mind off the horrors outside our door. Available on Amazon Prime.

Dead Kids: Yeah, that title may not be what you’re looking for right now. Call it Strange Behavior, it’s other title, instead. It’s great. Available on Amazon Prime.

Death Warmed Up: While you’re in Australia watching the previous movie, stay awhile and savor this punk rock piece of pure mayhem. Available on Amazon Prime.

Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau: This documentary makes sense of this lost movie and explains why Stanley is one of my heroes. Available on Amazon Prime.

Mad Doctor of Blood Island: All monsters should be this messed up. Pure joy that will get your mind off anything. Trust me. Available on Amazon Prime.

Robowar: Bruno Mattei. Claudio Fragrasso. Aliens. Predators. Robots. Reb Brown. Just watch it. Available on Amazon Prime.

Terror Is a Man: Blood Island starts here. Take a vacation from your couch. Available on Amazon Prime.

Things: I don’t know if I should even let you know this exists. If you have given up all hope, you may as well watch this. Available on Amazon Prime.

Writers wanted!

Here’s what the subjects are for March and April, if you’d like to be part of our site:

March 15-21: Movies about the radio

March 22-28: Dan Curtis week

March 29-31: A brief three-day kaiju break

April: All James Bond, all month long. Every Bond film, every ripoff we can get our hands on and every satire. If you ever wanted to write about James Bond, here’s your opportunity!

Interested? Just write to bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com to get started. There are no word limits and the only thing I ask is that you get your piece to me by a few days before it should run. For example, don’t send a Bond review after April 15.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing some new writers!

Ghouls Across America chapter 6

This time, things get emotional in a good way: “Joe and Alex bid farewell to Pennsylvania as they travel through New York on their way to New England. They hit up the Salem Witch Museum in Massachusetts, and spend a couple of great days in Portland, Maine dining on the best chowder on Earth, touring Casco Bay, and much more!”

Ghouls Across America episode 5

Episode 5 of Ghouls Across North America is here! The guys are still in Pennsylvania, and pay a visit to their pal Bill Van Ryn, who gives them a tour of Drive-In Asylum and Groovy Doom HQ, along with a bit of history on the two. Evans City, PA is the next stop, where they check out the Evans City Cemetery, where the opening to Night Of The Living Dead was filmed! Naturally, the Living Dead Museum was the next stop to bask in all of it’s undead awesomeness, before we visit with Joe’s childhood friend Sarah Graves Barnett, who runs the Little Foot Quilt Shoppe! To cap off an awesome day, we head to the Riverside Drive In Theatre in Vandergrift, PA with our buddy Roger Braden to attend the 13th annual Drive-In Super Monsterama!

Drive-In Asylum #18 now on sale!

SAM’S NOTE: I love when a new Drive-In Asylum comes out. This issue has an article from me about Santo and Blue Demon Vs. The Monsters, as well as several paintings I made of Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith! I even included a sneak preview below!

Here’s the hype!

Richard Blackburn’s Lemora: A Child’s Tale of the Supernatural is one of those films that has gained momentum over the years. Now considered an unsung classic of low budget cinema, Lemora continues to haunt the imagination of those who appreciate the unique, terrifying world that it contains within its reels. Richard Blackburn talks to DIA about the creation of the film, as well as his involvement in cult phenomenon Eating Raoul – and even better, the interview is conducted by Harry Guerro of Garagehouse Pictures and Exhumed Films.

Other features in #18 include a list of our top 5 favorite releases from Something Weird Video, a profile of Doris Wishman’s career in exploitation films, and of course reviews of fantastic films selected by DIA reviewers. We talk about Santo and Blue Demon Vs. The Monsters, The Big Boss, Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning, Horror of the Zombies, She Mob, U.F.O. Abduction (aka The McPherson Tape) and Dark August.

We’ve got plenty of the vintage newsprint ads you love to see in DIA too, with galleries devoted to actor John Saxon, nightmarish wedding fails, the return of Also Known As (movies in disguise with alternate titles), and lots more!

5.5 x 8.5, black and white (some pages are printed on colored paper), 52 pages.

You can buy it at the Drive-In Asylum Etsy store!

Episode 4 of Ghouls Across America!

Episode 4 of Ghouls Across North America has arrived! In this episode, Joe and Alex travel to Cleveland, Ohio to visit A Christmas Story House and bask in all of its awesomeness before heading to Pennsylvania to hang out with their long time pal Bill Van Ryn, creator of Drive-In Asylum and Groovy Doom. Bill plays tour guide at the Monroeville Mall, the setting and filming location for George A. Romero’s 1978 zombie classic Dawn of the Dead!

PODCAST ALERT: Crackpot Cinema

Mike McPadden — who we interviewed about his book Teen Movie Hell — has a new podcast that we think our readers will love.

Here’s the first episode: “For the maiden voyage of the SS Crackpot, Mike McPadden and Aaron Lee reflect on their past as HUSTLER magazine pros with four films dedicated to the “men’s sophisticates” game: the decidedly non-obscure THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT (1996), Steve Coogan in THE LOOK OF LOVE (2013), the documentary PORN KING: THE TRIALS OF AL GOLDSTEIN (2005), and the Don Knotts/Nat Hiken head-scratcher, THE LOVE GOD? (1969).”

Check it out at the official site and Twitter.

Episodes 2 and 3 of Ghouls Across America!

Get ready for two new episodes!

Episode 2: Joe and Alex travel to Louisville, Kentucky to hang out with their pal Roger Braden, who runs the Facebook groups Valley Nightmares and Spikes Pit. While they’re in town, they also hit up the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, pop in on Colonel Sanders at the Cave Hill Cemetery & Arboretum, visit with the nice folks who run Caufield’s Novelty, and explore the Pope Lick train trestle, home of the infamous Goatman!

Episode 3: The guys head to Ohio to hang out with their friends from LegacyVerse Productions, LLC! Keith Munden and Richard Buathier give us some LV history and talk about their passions for acting and filmmaking, and fellow LegacyVerse actors Austin Rospert and Rick Davis also pop in. They also meet Chad Knauer, director of Skeleton Cop, who killed them off in his upcoming movie Murder Clown.