2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 12 Option 5: Psycho Cop (1989)

DAY 12. THE FRACAS AND THE FUZZ: Something revolving around cops and criminals. How have I ended up here, watching Psycho Cop in the middle of the night? I blame the annual Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge. What started with just Maniac Cop ended with all three of those films, then I was like, well, let's see if there were… Continue reading 2019 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 12 Option 5: Psycho Cop (1989)

Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

A year after the second Sleepaway Camp, Angela is back to terrorize another camp full of teenagers. Now, after running over a young camp counselor named Maria with a truck, she's assumed that identity and ready for even more murderous mayhem and flashbacks set to sing-a-long campfire songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6FOYjm7Yqc Before things even get started, Angela (the… Continue reading Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

The Blood of Heroes (1989)

About the Author: Paul Andolina is back to share a sports-related end of the world movie with us. If you like his stuff, check out his site Wrestling with Film.  I've never been super into sports as entertainment but I have recently got into football. Not liking sports, however, has not stopped me from liking movies… Continue reading The Blood of Heroes (1989)

Terror In Beverly Hills (1989)

A group of terrorists led by Abdul (one of Iran’s most well-known actors, Behrouz Vossoughi, who also played Petko on TV's Falcon Crest) kidnaps Margaret the First Daughter while she's shopping on Rodeo Drive. She'll only be released if the President -- played by William Smith from Grave of the Vampire and Invasion of the Bee Girls -- releases… Continue reading Terror In Beverly Hills (1989)

Tango & Cash (1989)

Andrei Konchalovsky directed the 1985 Cannon Film Runaway Train, which was based on a script by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, as well as a plethora of films that seem more like passion projects than cash grabs. In fact, his last two films, The Postman's White Nights and Paradise have both won Silver Lions at Cannes. So how does… Continue reading Tango & Cash (1989)