Gorehouse Greats: Prime Evil (1988)

Mill Creek is a green company: they love to recycle, even if the film is celluloid compost. For Prime Evil is a film that we love and the “B” in B&S, Becca, calls it like she see it: shit. We reviewed this on February 1, 2020, for the first time on the first day of our Mill Creek month-long blowout as part of its inclusion on their B-Movie Blast 50-film pack. And here it is again, with a deserving slot on the more appropriate Gorehouse Greats 12-film set, which we are also unpacking this month. Viva (junk) Italian horror cinema!, we say, much to boss Becca’s dismay. Yeah, yeah, we know it’s not “Italian” and it’s shot in New York by Robert Finlay of Blood Sisters fame — but wow, it confuses like an Italian horror romp should.

Two reviews. One Movie. Thank you, Mill Creek. Shame on B&S About Movies.

Becca calls it as she see it, and accurately: For this really is a nonsensical piece o’ shit.

And we love ludicrous Italian horror movies (even when it’s not a ludicrous Italian horror movie, so there!). Even when the Italians shoot in the U.S. and try to be “American” and fail at it. It’s like all of those Philippine Namsploitation flicks that take place in Cambodia, but shoot in the Philippines, and place pictures of Ronald Reagan all over the set to make it look “American.” And it’s all ripping off The Exorcist and The Amityville Horror. So, yeah, when the Italians go Satanic with heaping helpings of the occult, regardless of the confusion, we say, “GO TEAM NEAPOLITAN!”

But Roberta Findlay, she of the many o’ softcore sex flicks, such as Honeysuckle Rose — no, not the 1980 one with Willie Nelson; the 1979 one with John Holmes — made this; yes, the same one who made ‘adult comedy” Liquid A$$ets with Samantha Fox and Veronica Hart. And Roberts hits all of Italian junk cinema plot points we know and love:

You want a black mass in a church? Check.

You want a priest — an centuries old one at that — who not only lords over a group of chanting robed monks, he also sidelines as a drug dealer? Check.

You want a crazy, pseudo-implied pedophile who lords over his granddaughter to keep her as a virgin for a Satanic sacrifice? Check.

A boyfriend who is useless in the damsel-in-distress department. Check.

A nun who pretends to hate God so she can infiltrates the cult. Check.

Remember in Rocktober Blood, all of the out-of-place aerobics? Check.

Remember the Satan puppets in the “No False Metal” classic that is Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare? Check.

And to Crown International Pictures for distributing this mess in the U.S., we thank you. You can watch this on YouTube. You can get the disc from Vinegar Syndrome.

About the Author: You can learn more about the writings of R.D Francis on Facebook. He also writes for B&S About Movies.

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