FULCI WEEK: Sodoma’s Ghost (1988)

There's a scene in A Cat in the Brain where Fulci directs a Nazi orgy like a deranged madman. The results are what opens Sodoma's Ghost, as a group of Nazi deserters and prostitutes are at play while Willy films the proceedings. Everyone dances to strange jazz music and claps their hands while watching films of the… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: Sodoma’s Ghost (1988)

HOUSE WEEK: Witchery/La Casa 4 (1988)

There are moments in Witchery that approach the madcap goofball lunacy of La Casa 3. But you have to really search for them. Just by looking at the cast -- Linda Blair! David Hasselhoff! -- that you'd be in for a much crazier ride. This has even been titled Ghosthouse II, but make no mistake. This ain't no Ghosthouse.… Continue reading HOUSE WEEK: Witchery/La Casa 4 (1988)

HOUSE WEEK: Ghosthouse/La Casa 3(1988)

Ghosthouse has nothing to do with House or House 2. Then again, it also has nothing to with Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2, movies that are known as La Casa and La Casa II in Italy. But hey, who is keeping score? As you'll learn before the end of the week, the next two La Casa movies have nothing to do with… Continue reading HOUSE WEEK: Ghosthouse/La Casa 3(1988)

FULCI WEEK: Touch of Death (1988)

If Touch of Death was simply the poster filmed for 70 minutes, it'd be such a better movie than what I just watched. Lester (Brett Halsey, Demonia) is a cannibal serial killer who meets, dates and eats various women, sometimes giving parts of them to his pigs. He also talks to tape recording of his own voice and… Continue reading FULCI WEEK: Touch of Death (1988)


In Paperbacks from Hell (page 143 to be exact), Grady Hendrix explains what PIN is all about: "Leon and Ursula have lived together ever since their parents died in a car accident. The kids grew up thinking dad's anatomical model, PIN, was alive, and now Leon throws his voices unconsciously, keeping PIN talking. PIN eats with them, listens to… Continue reading PAPERBACKS FROM HELL WEEK: Pin (1988)


Growing up, two things both saved and damned me: heavy metal and horror movies. They go together like guitar and bass, guns and roses, beer and weed, leather and denim. Off the top of my head, I can name plenty of bands for whom horror movies are a central element: Electric Wizard, Hooded Menace, The… Continue reading NO FALSE METAL MOVIES WEEK: Black Roses (1988)