My Best Friend’s Birthday (1988)

My Best Friend's Birthday was co-written by Craig Hamann and Quentin Tarantino when the director was still working at Manhattan Beach's Video Archives. With just $5,000 they spent four years making the film along with several of their video store and acting school friends, including Roger Avary. The original cut was about 70 minutes long, but due to… Continue reading My Best Friend’s Birthday (1988)

Picasso Trigger (1988)

Killing is an art form. That's what the Professor -- returning from Sidaris' film Seven -- says before giving our heroes a ton of weapons. They're gonna need them after double agent Picasso Trigger is assassinated in Paris by even more duplicitous big bad Miguel Ortiz (Rodrigo Obregon, who shows up in plenty more Andy Sidaris films). Now,… Continue reading Picasso Trigger (1988)

Space Mutiny (1988)

Somebody, somewhere, probably in South Africa where this was made, thought that Space Mutiny was a good idea. Certainly, it has an all-star cast (well, for me). It has great special effects (stolen from Battlestar Galactica). And it has...well, nothing else going for it. I really can't even fathom how anyone looked at the final results and… Continue reading Space Mutiny (1988)