The French Sex Murders (1972)

Casa d’appuntamento (The House of Rendezvous) was known as this title and as The Bogey Man and the French Murder due to it starring professional Humphrey Bogart impersonator Robert Sacchi.

After a week of giallo where I feel like I kept writing, “Why is this movie so boring and listless,” here comes this film to save me. Rosabeli Neri (Lady Frankenstein), Anita Eckberg (Screaming Mimi) and Barbara Bouchet (Don’t Torture A Duckling) all in the same film? What did I do to deserve this, giallo gods?

After Antoine is blamed for killing one of Madame Collette’s (Eckberg) high class call girls named Francine (Bouchet), he is sentenced to die via the guillotine. He swears that he will have his revenge and escapes, but a motorcycle accident takes his head clean off anyway.

Then a professor steals his head for an experiment before getting killed. Now the ladies of the night are getting killed one by one…and it just may be a headless man taking them out.

This was directed by Ferdinando Merighi, who was the AD on In the Folds of the Flesh. He used the name F. L. Morris here. Who edited this? Oh, just Bruno Mattei. It’s also the film debut of Evelyne Kraft, who would go on to star in The Mighty Peking Man and Lady Dracula.

Producer Dick Randall wrote this movie and he certainly made his share of cheap, trashy and totally wonderful films, including The Girl In Room 2ASlaughter High, Mario Bava’s sex comedy Four Times That Night and The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield. The sleazy American writer in this movie shares his name, which was no accident.

I realize this isn’t a great film. But it’s certainly not boring, what with hooded figures running around a brothel, decapitations and falls off important French landmarks. As Italian Bogie would say, ” Ti sto guardando, ragazzo.”

You can get this for yourself at Vinegar Syndrome, as well as the first volume, which has León Klimovsky’s TraumaKiller Is One of 13 and The Police Are Blundering in the Dark.

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