Seven Blood Stained Orchids (1972)

Umberto Lenzi made the first Italian cannibal film, The Man from Deep River and followed that up with Eaten Alive! and Cannibal Ferox. When he followed a trend, his movies always stand out. Zombies? Lenzi's Nightmare City outgrosses and out-insanes them all. Horror? He made the utterly bizarre Ghosthouse, which was shot in the same house as The House by the Cemetery. Sword… Continue reading Seven Blood Stained Orchids (1972)

Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972)

"You're a beautiful flower" – his words flatter you today But once you're in full bloom, he'll just toss you away. Foolish, foolish, foolish woman's song. Her song of vengeance. "Sorrow is my fate." So you've given up on men. Show him your tears and he'll bring you grief again. Tearful, tearful, tearful woman's song.… Continue reading Female Convict Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 (1972)

LOST TV WEEK: Madame Sin (1972)

Originally broadcast on January 15, 1972, this film emerged at the tail end of the superspy craze to present a truly insane idea for a weekly series that was never to be: Bette Davis as a villainous vixen who commands an army beneath the Scottish highlands to do her bidding. Imagine if Dr. Evil were… Continue reading LOST TV WEEK: Madame Sin (1972)

CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Track of the Moon Beast (1972)

This entry was written by Bill Van Ryn, who is the creative force behind the website Groovy Doom and the zine Drive-In Asylum. Somehow, he's tackled nearly every yeti related film on this box set. Thanks, Bill! Filmed in 1972, Track of the Moon Beast never received any significant theatrical distribution. It sat shelved for years after… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Track of the Moon Beast (1972)