Kill the Poker Player (1972)

A combination giallo and spaghetti western? Sure. We can do that. Mario Bianchi directed Satan's Baby Doll and the mondo Africa Sexy before using the pen named Nicholas Moore, Tony Yanker and Martin White to make adult films. Known in Italy as Hai Sbagliato... Dovevi Uccidermi Subito! (You Were Wrong...You Had to Kill Me Immediately!), this is all about… Continue reading Kill the Poker Player (1972)

Lucifera: Demon Lover (1972)

With a title like that, you might be forgiven if you expect The Devil Within Her or The Devil In Ms. Jones style antics here. Instead, this is a slightly erotic gothic romance. In his book Italian Gothic Horror Films, 1970-1979, Roger Curti spoke to the cast and they really can't get any of their facts straight. Rosalba… Continue reading Lucifera: Demon Lover (1972)

Satan's Slaves (1982) (2017): A Second Look

It’s time for more cheap n’ scary—yet creative—fun with another Indonesian horror film with its roots nourished in the horror films of the West—with Muslim and Hindi religious beliefs substituted for the usual Christianity-based horror themes. However, while American horror films are mostly blood and gore for the sake of blood and gore, Indonesian horror… Continue reading Satan's Slaves (1982) (2017): A Second Look

A Second Look: Daughters of Satan (1972)

John Hollingsworth Morse was a noted film and television director responsible for an eclectic variety of U.S television series from the 1950s through 1980s, starting with the Star Wars precursor, Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, and the still-in-runs Adam-12, The Dukes of Hazzard, and McHale's Navy. Whenever you watch old World War II film clips—especially the… Continue reading A Second Look: Daughters of Satan (1972)

Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Based on Kurt Vonnegut's classic 1969 novel, this tale of time travel and alien abduction finds Billy Pilgrim (Michael Sacks, The Sugarland Express, The Amityville Horror) finds himself unstuck in time. Traveling back and forth to random points within his existence, Pilgrim experiences his life in scattered fashion, such as what it was like to grow… Continue reading Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)

Night of the Bloody Apes (1972)

Oh René Cardona. Here you are remaking the lucha libre movie you did back in 1962, Las Luchadoras Contra el Medico Asesino, or The Wrestling Women vs. the Killer Doctor or Doctor of Doom, as it was called in the U.S. While this was made in 1969 as La Horripilante Bestia Humana, or The Horrible Man-Beast, this one… Continue reading Night of the Bloody Apes (1972)

Ape Week: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

J. Lee Thompson had wanted to be involved with Planet of the Apes since the original film, but scheduling conflicts had kept that from happening. For this, the fourth film in the series, he shot much of the film like a news broadcast, influenced by the many civil rights changes over the past few years.… Continue reading Ape Week: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

ANOTHER TAKE ON: Grave of the Vampire (1972)

As we wrote about back when we covered Dream No Evil, John Hayes began his career producing and directing short subjects and even appeared an actor in movies like The Shaggy D.A. and his own End of the World. The movies he directed included The Grass Eater, Five Minutes to Love, the incredibly named Jailbait Babysitter, the adult movies Pleasure Zone… Continue reading ANOTHER TAKE ON: Grave of the Vampire (1972)

PURE TERROR MONTH: Enter the Devil (1972)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bill Van Ryn is the man behind the website Groovy Doom and the zine Drive-In Asylum. You should grab an issue after reading this. Independent regional production Enter the Devil was shot in Texas by producer/director Frank Q. Dobbs, who made four regional theatrical releases (one of them a hardcore porn flick titled The California… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Enter the Devil (1972)