008: Operation Exterminate (1965)

Have I mentioned that I like Umberto Lenzi movies? Oh yeah. I totally have.

Well back in 1965 — he made this spy caper, which has Ingrid Schoeller (Son of Django) as Macdonald, also known as British Agent 006. She’s working with Frank Smith, American Agent 006. Together, they are hunting down something called “anti-radar.” But it seems like 006 is actually a Russian spy.

Hey — at least it has this great poster.

Lenzi would make more spy-related movies after this, like The Spy Who Loved FlowersKriminal and Super Seven Calling Cairo. I’d rather celebrate him for movies like OrgasmoEaten Alive!, GhosthouseIronmasterSeven Bloo Stained OrchidsNightmare City and Nightmare Beach.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube:

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