PURE TERROR MONTH: Bloody Pit of Horror (1965)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robert Constant says, "I was born and raised in Hollywood, CA.  Went to live in Spain when I was 23 and stayed 10 years, managing an art gallery.  Came back to LA in 1992 and worked at an animation studio as a PA for awhile then worked buying and selling vintage clothes.  In… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Bloody Pit of Horror (1965)

PURE TERROR MONTH: Evil Brain from Outer Space (1965)

About the Author: Paul Andolina is one of my favorite people to talk movies with. If you like his stuff, check out his site Wrestling with Film.  Evil Brain from Outer Space is a science fiction film from 1965. It happens to be a couple of the Japanese Super Giant films that have been hacked up… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Evil Brain from Outer Space (1965)

PURE TERROR MONTH: The Embalmer (1965)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: An American living in London, Jennifer Upton is a freelance writer for International publishers Story Terrace and others. In addition, she has a blog where she frequently writes about horror and sci-fi called Womanycom. The Embalmer (1965), aka Il Mostro di Venezia is a slow burner that fits somewhere in between the horror sub-genres… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: The Embalmer (1965)

PURE TERROR MONTH: Terror-Creatures from the Grave (1965)

Massimo Pupillo is mainly known for three horror films: Terror-Creatures from the Grave, Bloody Pit of Horror and La vendetta di Lady Morgan. Afterward, he claimed to be done with horror forever before making Django Kills Softly and the mondo Love: The Great Unknown. He claimed to be disgusted by his films and went into television. He… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Terror-Creatures from the Grave (1965)

Psycho-A-Go-Go (1965)

A while back, we covered Satan's Sadists, the movie that was Al Adamson's initial big hit. Psycho-A-Go-Go is where he got started. Adamson was the son of silent film stars Denver Dixon and Dolores Booth. After working on some of his father's later films, he started his own production company with Sam Sherman called Independent-International Pictures. From tinting… Continue reading Psycho-A-Go-Go (1965)

A Study In Terror (1965)

James Hill directed the nature film and family favorite Born Free, but he also found his way to Whitechapel and put Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on the case of Jack the Ripper. It's also one of the first appearances of Mycroft Holmes on film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w8iVriqo8s Holmes (John Neville, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen) and Watson (Donald Huston, Tales… Continue reading A Study In Terror (1965)