La Pelle Sotto Gli Artigli (1975)

A series of murders are happening — it’s a giallo, so go figure, right? — but in each case, there is decomposed flesh under the victims. There’s also a genius named Professor Helmut (Gordon Mitchell!) who is doing brain transplants from human to baboon and he thinks that could be the secret to cheating death.

That’s why this movie is really known as The Skin Under the Claws, but it’s more romantic comedy with a giallo just begging to break though. Helmut dies early on and his organs disappear and the cops think the killer is a walking corpse, so there’s at least some horror in this one, but it takes forever to get there, what with Dr. Silivia and Dr. Gianni going to dinner, out sightseeing and anything and everything but solving the crimes that we came here for.

Alessandro Santini only directed three other movies — Beyond the Frontiers of HateUna Forca per 3 Vigliacchi (A Gallow for 3 Cowards) and Questa Libertà di Avere… le Ali Bagnate (The Freedom of Having…Wet Wings). He’s not shy with the nudity or the blood. And at least the ending is somewhat original and unexpected. Otherwise, as they say, for giallo lovers only.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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