Orgasmo (1969)

Umberto Lenzi, come on down! We’re looking for you to shock us, to titillate us, to maybe even thrill us a bit. Oh, you’re brought Carroll Baker with you! Please! Show us what tale you’ve crafted!

Kathryn West (Baker) is a glamorous American widow who has come to Italy weeks after the death of her older wealthy husband. She movies into a huge villa but her life is lonely and boring until Peter shows up. His free-spirited ways shake her loose and he soon moves in his sister, Eva. But things aren’t what they seem — they aren’t brother and sister and the relationship becomes a threesome. But when Kathryn tries to quit them, they keep her prisoner, constantly high on drugs and alcohol as they keep playing the same song over and over until she goes insane and wants to kill herself.

Caroll Baker started off as a Hollywood sex symbol before retreating to Europe where she’d make Baba YagaSo Sweet… So Perverse and The Sweet Body of Deborah, amongst others. Eventually, she’d move back to America and become a character actress. As for Lenzi, he’d go on to make Eaten AliveCannibal FeroxNightmare City and more.

If you like twists, if you like more twists, if you like your sex scenes filled with acid drenched visuals, then by all means, it’s time for you to savor this one.

You can get this as part of  The Complete Lenzi/Baker Giallo Collection set from Severin, which also has So Sweet…So PeverseA Quiet Place to Kill and Knife of Ice.

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