PURE TERROR MONTH: Malenka (1969)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bill Van Ryn is the man behind the website Groovy Doom and the zine Drive-In Asylum. You should grab an issue after reading this. Spanish filmmaker Amando de Ossorio will most likely be forever remembered as the creator of the Blind Dead series, but his first horror-themed film was 1969's Malenka, which was eventually released… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Malenka (1969)

PURE TERROR MONTH: Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

About the Author: You can read the music and film criticisms of R.D Francis on Medium and learn more about his rock ‘n’ roll biographies, along with horror and sci-fi novellas, on Facebook. He also writes for B&S Movies. Riddle me this, you trash-cinema loving degenerate: What do you get when you cross Rick Simon… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: Night of Bloody Horror (1969)

PURE TERROR MONTH: The House That Screamed (1969)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Andolina is back to watch another movie for us. If you like his stuff, check out his site Wrestling with Film.  The House that Screamed aka La Residencia, is a Spanish horror film from the director Narciso (Chicho) Ibáñez Serrador. He is mostly known for a game show and the TV series Historias… Continue reading PURE TERROR MONTH: The House That Screamed (1969)

The Wonderful Land of Oz (1969)

Despite being born in Bakersfield, CA, Barry Mahon volunteered to be in Britain's Royal Air Force in 1941, achieving a record of five confirmed kills, two probables and three damaged planes, which earned him the British Distinguished Flying Cross in 1985. He was shot down in August of 1942, captured and imprisoned at Stalag Luft… Continue reading The Wonderful Land of Oz (1969)

CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Nightmare in Wax (1969)

Cameron Mitchell is making his fourth appearance in the Chilling Classics box set with this movie, but I know that he has to be in even more. From voicing Jesus in The Robe to the 1951 version of Death of a Salesman, Mitchell had plenty of big roles in even bigger films. But we're not here to… Continue reading CHILLING CLASSICS MONTH: Nightmare in Wax (1969)

Perversion Story (1969)

Have I ever written here about how much I love Lucio Fulci? Oh that's right -- I've written about a few of his movies, like Aengima, The Beyond, The Black Cat, Cat in the Brain, Conquest, Contraband, Demonia, The Devil's Honey, Don't Torture a Duckling, The Four of the Apocalypse, House by the Cemetery, A Lizard in a Woman's Skin, Manhattan Baby, Murder Rock, The… Continue reading Perversion Story (1969)

BIKER WEEK: Satan’s Sadists (1969)

Al Adamson made his breakthrough with this movie, going on to direct Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Cinderella 2000, Nurse Sherri and one of the most legitimately unhinged movies I've ever survived, Carnival Magic. Even stranger, he was murdered and buried beneath his hot tub in 1995, killed by his live-in contractor Fred Fulford in a plot that could have been one of his films.… Continue reading BIKER WEEK: Satan’s Sadists (1969)

SARTANA WEEK: I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death (1969)

A man who looks just like Sartana robs what has been -- up until now -- impossible to steal from. Now, bounty hunters are trying to cash in on the bounty on our hero's head. Giuliano Carnimeo (The Case of the Bloody Iris, Exterminators of the Year 3000) takes over the directorial reigns from Gianfranco Parolini… Continue reading SARTANA WEEK: I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death (1969)