I quattro dell’Ave Maria, which means The Four of the Hail Mary, this is the second film in between God Forgives… I Don’t and Boot Hill, this starts with Cat and Hutch (Terence Hill and Bud Spencer) arriving in El Paso and getting mixed up with Cacopoulos (Eli Wallach), who takes $300,000 from them and goes on the run, but the three eventually have to come together.

There’s also Kevin McCarthy from Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a bad guy, as well as a role for Brock Peters from Porgy and Bess and To Kill a Mockingbird.

Director and writer Giuseppe Colizzi is the one that got Hill and Spencer together, which is a genius thing, and Spencer never wanted to be a comedic actor — I mean, the guy was a polymath. An Olympic swimmer, water polo champion, an attorney, an inventor, a pilot and a singer. Fate found him forever cast as a “grumpy strong-arm man with a blessed, naive child’s laughter and a golden heart.”

I can watch Spencer and Terence Hill movies all day, into the next day and into the next week. This is a more serious story for them as they had not yet become as devoted to comedy as movies like They Call Me Trinity would take the team.

You can get this blu ray from Kino Lorber. It has a new 4K scan of the original camera negative, a trailer and commentary by Alex Cox.

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